Economics student spends summer on Capitol Hill working for Congressman Joaquin Castro

Economics student Aldo Charles spent his summer on Capitol Hill working for Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-TX, 20) from San Antonio, Tx. As a legislative intern, Charles attended briefings, hearings, receptions, and press events on behalf of the office; he also managed and addressed constituent concerns. Additionally, because of the research and analytical skills he has developed as an economics major, Charles was responsible for researching and drafting memos for the Congressman and his staff on legislative priorities and provided input on the possible impacts of proposed legislative items up for a vote on the House floor.

His experiences at the University of Houston, a school celebrated nationally for its diversity, allowed him to successfully collaborate and partner with individuals of different backgrounds and schools of thought on various projects.  His summer in Congressman Castro's office granted Charles an invaluable perspective into the inner workings of the Capitol and Washington D.C., reaffirmed his decision to study economics, and brought him one step closer towards reaching what he hopes will be his career post-graduation.