A leader in making things better

David Hawes

David Hawes, MPA ’96, is all about making things better. As a founder and managing partner of Hawes Hill & Associates, LLP, a consulting service to municipal governments, organizations, and private entities, he spends his days strategizing ways to create safer, cleaner, more prosperous communities. He started his career working in finance and administration in the Texas Department of Human Services, managing a very large budget and similarly, learning very quickly as each new challenge arose. He then assumed a management position for the City of Houston in finance revenue and research.

Hawes sensed the opportunity to enhance his already successful career in public service by making the strategic decision to pursue his Masters of Public Administration at the University of Houston (a program that in 2018 will celebrate its 50th year of educating and preparing the region’s public administrative leaders). The program allowed him to expand his credibility as a professional, and to learn new ways to make things better.

In addition to running his own company, Hawes is a frequent MPA guest lecturer. However, he went a step further in making things better for UH MPA students, creating the Hawes MPA Challenge grant. This recurring matching gift engages alumni and friends to invest in and support the program and its students. Hawes says of his philanthropic decision, “Good governance in the public sector is one of the most valuable community assets in this region, and that makes my decision a simple one. When you receive a benefit, you give back to others, and what I learned in the UH MPA program has been invaluable in my careerwe all have a responsibility to invest, support and give back to the governance of our collective communities that make up the Houston Region.”

To support the UH Masters of Public Administration Program, visit www.uh.edu/class/mpa/