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Economics study examines downside of large families

Children in larger families are more likely to fall behind in cognitive achievement and have behavioral and other problems are among the findings in a National Bureau of Economics working paper whose authors include Chinhui Juhn, Henry Graham Professor of Economics at UH, and C. Andrew Zuppann, assistant professor of economics. read more

Political Science study: We trust in those who believe in God

A new study suggests including religion in campaign speeches feeds a belief that those who are religious to some extent are trustworthy and viewed more favorably. The study was conducted by Scott Clifford, assistant professor of political science, and Ben Gaskins of Lewis & Clark College. read more

Leland Fellows working on Capitol Hill

The UH Leland Fellows program continues Congressman Mickey Leland’s legacy of funding paid congressional staff internships for economically disadvantaged students as a means of expanding the talent pool of Congressional workers beyond just those who financially can afford to live in Washington for a semester. read more

Hobby Center for Public Policy examines hospital's missed Ebola diagnosis

In 2014, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas treated and released a man who, three days later, became the first Ebola victim diagnosed in the U.S. A new effort from the Hobby Center for Public Policy (HCPP) —The White Paper Series— examines the events surrounding that misdiagnosis. read more

Valenti School of Communication webcasting UH National Signing Day

The live webcast of the UH National Signing Day for football and soccer players was produced and live streamed from the broadcast studios of the Valenti School of Communication starting at 7:45 a.m. on Feb. 3. read more

Longtime benefactor gives $1 million to Blaffer Art Museum

Blaffer Art Museum at the University of Houston has received a $1 million bequest from the late Jane Dale Owen, who died in 2014. A granddaughter of Houston art patron and collector Sarah Campbell Blaffer, from whom the museum takes its name, Owen was a longtime benefactor who served on Blaffer’s advisory board and executive committee. read more

With Ravens, Out of Sight is Not Out of Mind

The question of what sets humans apart from other animals is one of the oldest philosophical puzzles. A popular answer is that only humans can understand that others also have minds like their own. But new research suggests that ravens – birds singled out by many cultures as a symbol of intelligence and wisdom – share at least some of the human ability to think abstractly about other minds. read more