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Advertising students win Texas Library Association award for branding campaign

On April 17th the Texas Library Association presented the University of Houston Libraries with the 2010 Branding Iron Award for Print Media Advertising.

The advertising campaign was designed by a group of UH advertising students as a class assignment during the Fall 2009 semester.  The group, Tiffany (Wagner) Cintron (Senior, Communication), Thomas Cahill (2009, Business), Veronica Galvan (2009 Communication), Krystal Mendez (Senior Business), and Minerva Suarez (2009, Communication), created the “Librarians are a Life Saver” ad campaign in Rosario Laudicina’s Principles of Advertising class. The. M.D. Anderson Library is currently implementing the campaign.

The campaign was launched after focus groups showed that many students are no longer aware that their library employs subject specialists for every academic discipline at UH. The UH Libraries approached advertising professor Larry Kelley about using this problem as a case study in the Principles of Advertising classes, which he coordinates.

Student workgroups competed to win the contract from their “client,” the University of Houston Libraries, with the understanding that the winning campaign would be implemented in on-campus advertising campaign.

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