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Faculty Publications

This list of book publications represents a sampling of the work of CLASS faculty. It is not a comprehensive chronicle of their publications or citations. The publications on this page are updated annually and may not reflect the most current work of an individual faculty member. Click to view lists of publications.

2023 Publications

  • ClavinSymbols of Freedom: Slavery and Resistance Before the Civil War

    Matthew Clavin

  • ChitraIndependence: A Novel

    Chitra Divakaruni

  • FlynnLow: Poems

    Nick Flynn

  • LuisExternalism About Knowledge 

    Luis Oliveira

  • PruferThe Fears

    Kevin Prufer

  • TurchiWorld Literature and Postcolonial Studies (edited)

    Bhavya Tiwari

  • Turchi(Don't) Stop Me if You've Heard This Before 

    Peter Turchi