Laura Ashley - University of Houston
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Laura Ashley

Instructional Associate Professor
Phone: 713-743-7940

Dr. Laura Ashley is an instructional associate professor at the Valenti School of Communication. She teaches classes in the Strategic Communication concentration; oversees the Professional Internship for Credit program; and is a member of the Valenti Advisory Council.

Dr. Ashley teaches classes related to advertising, public relations, social media marketing, and technology’s impact on society. Dr. Ashley enjoys teaching; taking her students on field trips; and creating meaningful projects for her students to work on with real clients. She has a passion for helping students achieve their dreams.

Dr. Ashley holds a PhD and MA from the University of Houston and a Bachelor’s of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Houston
  • Masters of Communication, University of Houston
  • Bachelor of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin 


  • COMM 3356 - Business & Professional Speaking
  • COMM 3360 - Principles of Integrated Communication
  • COMM 3368 - Principles of Public Relations
  • COMM 3369 - Writing for Public Relations
  • COMM 4365 - Digital Public Relations and Advertising
  • COMM 4378 - Social Impact of New Information Technology
  • COMM 4392 - Professional Internship 

Selected Publications

  • Ashley, L.B. "Integrating gender issues into the classroom regardless of your gender." Panel presentation presented at the Broadcast Education Association (April, 2002). Las Vegas, NE.
  • Ashley, L.B. “Television advertising, identity, and body esteem of college-age women: An experiment on short-term effects.” Panel presentation presented at the Broadcast Education Association (April, 2000). Las Vegas, NE.
  • Ashley, L.B. "Equal time for women in political forums on C-SPAN." Panel presentation presented at the Broadcast Education Association (April 5, 1997). Las Vegas, NE.