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Conduct Assessment and Response Team (CART)

The University of Houston is committed to providing a learning environment that not only promotes the safety and well being of its students but an environment conducive for students to develop to their fullest potential. To this end, the University has established the Conduct Assessment and Response Team (CART) in order to provide a proactive, multidisciplinary, and collaborative approach to assessing and responding to students who exhibit threatening and/or concerning behaviors.

To Report an Incident

If you believe there is immediate danger to person or property immediately call the University of Houston Department of Public Safety at (713) 743-3333 or call 911. If the danger is not immediate you may use the Incident Report form.

Complete an Incident Report Form
Submitting this Behavioral Incident Report Form to the CART will initiate an assessment of the behavior of concern. The assessment process is designed to get the individual the assistance they need to succeed in the University community and to protect the University community as a whole.