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Facilities Planning and Construction launches new website

By Kristina Michel

Facilities Planning and Construction has launched a new website with up-to-date information about major construction projects going on throughout the University of Houston campus.

The website was created to better reflect the services offered by Facilities Planning and Construction. All FP&C content from the original Plant Ops web domain has been migrated over to the new FP&C website, including more than 1,000 web links and images. Facilities Services (formerly Facilities Management) will maintain control of the Plant Ops domain and redesign it into their own unique website.

“Our hope with this website is to create relevant, current and exciting pages that use multimedia and up-to-date images and information for the campus community,” said Chad Thome, senior IT business analyst, whose team worked on the new FP&C website.

The new website contains news and information about ongoing campus construction projects, including the new basketball training facility, which is in the final stages of construction, and the Health and Biomedical Sciences Building 2, which broke ground in July.

The site also contains resource links for vendors and FP&C staff. It also has links for the campus community to campus maps and information about the Capital Improvement Plan. In the coming months, Thome also hopes to do a complete revamp of the campus project pages.

“The projects administered by FP&C are vital to the University, and I want our web presence to reflect that,” Thome said.

Users can view the new website at