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Parents and students attend Healthy Coogs, Healthy Planet

By Richard Zagrzecki

Parents and students got a chance to tour the campus community garden and learn about healthy eating during the annual Family Weekend at the University of Houston.

The "Healthy Coogs, Healthy Planet" session took place Friday, Oct. 17. Around two dozen students and parents gathered first at the campus community garden, where they learned gardening tips and tricks, as well as how the garden works, from Office of Sustainability Manager Sarah Kelly and Garden Coordinator Casey Hall. They also received herb seed bombs, which they could take and plant at home.

Afterward, they walked over to the adjacent Cougar Woods Dining Hall, where UH Dietitian Sarah Feye and Sous Chef Nadia Ahmed led a cooking demonstration and gave pointers on creating healthy meals.

"This was a wonderful opportunity to introduce Cougar parents to the wonderful work being done in our community garden, and to receive a lesson on how to live healthily and sustainably from our friends in UH Dining," Kelly said. "We hope they got as much out of it as we did!"