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Jack & Olive ready-made meals introduced

By Abel Valencia

UH Dining has introduce Jack & Olive, a new line of premium ready-made meals, to the Market stores in Cougar Village and University Lofts. The new program features a variety of savory meals for guests seeking high quality food conveniently on the go.

Guests are able to choose from a rotating selection of products, including chicken parmesan, herb-crusted chicken, smoked pulled pork, turkey and enchilada casserole, as well as paleo diet options, such as hunter-gather chicken, jerk chicken and turkey skillet scramble.

“Jack & Olive will bring a new level of quality to our convenience program,” said David Riddle, district manager for UH Dining Services. “Our guests are really going to enjoy this new product.”

Recipes include wholesome, fresh ingredients that are sourced and grown by a strategic network of regional partners, such as MG Foods of Texas, and support the Texas economy.

The markets house a dedicated Jack & Olive cooler, where guests can pick up meals conveniently and see new offerings available from the brand.

About Jack & Olive

Jack & Olive is an on-the-go destination that infuses quality and convenience into fresh, handcrafted cuisine. Jack is an all-American name one can trust, while Olive gives a nod to the globally inspired food. With these two in your corner, know there is always a place nearby where you can eat well and be happy.