Cougar Card Boasts New Online Services for Cardholders

Faculty, staff and students will now be able to replenish their Cougar Cash and deposit money into their Flex accounts online with a credit card through AccessUH.

In the past, people looking to add funds to their accounts could only do so over the phone, in the Cougar Card office or at one of the now defunct value transfer station (VTS) machines, which are in the process of being removed from all campus locations due to the convenience and accessibility of the new system.

To help make the transition to the new process an easy one, thorough step-by-step instructions have been added to the Cougar Card website for both Cougar Cash replenishments and Flex deposits. People looking to replenish their Cougar Cash can only do so in increments of $50 and must put in a minimum of $50 each time they do. A replenishment transaction cannot exceed $1,000. No rules or restrictions have been placed on Flex deposits.

“Besides the added convenience of these online enhancements, people should also notice faster service and transaction time at establishments all across campus, because cardholders will no longer receive traditional receipts after each transaction,” said Deborah Davis, assistant director of Auxiliary Services. “Instead, they will be emailed a receipt for their records.”

These transactions will also be available online for review to help individuals better track their spending, printing and meal swipes.

With all of these changes taking place, it’s important to note that the process for signing up for a meal plan is still the same for faculty, staff and students. For more information, visit or email