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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs includes the faculty members, department chairs, college deans and central academic administration of the University of Houston. It is here that all problems related to the educational programs offered by the University should be resolved.

Students are encouraged to seek clarification regarding procedures and information for individual academic grievance policies through their respective colleges before initiating a grievance at the University level.   Find out more about the Undergraduate Academic Grievance Policy and the Grievance Policy and Procedure for Graduate, Professional, and Post-baccalaureate Students.

Complaints regarding undergraduate programs should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, while complaints regarding graduate programs should be directed to the Graduate School at the following addresses:

Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Attn: Heidi Kennedy, Ph.D.
University of Houston
Ezekiel W. Cullen Building, Room 207
Houston, Texas 77204-2035

Graduate School
102 E. Cullen Building
Houston, Texas 77204-2012
Phone: 713-743-9088
Contact the Graduate School

Students with academic complaints are also encouraged to contact the associate deans of the colleges to which the complaint applies. Their telephone numbers follow:

Architecture 713-743-2400
Business Administration 713-743-4600
Education 713-743-5003
Engineering 713-743-4204
Honors College 713-743-9007
Hotel & Restaurant Management 713-743-2610
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences 713-743-3098
Law 713-743-2227
Natural Sciences & Mathematics 713-743-2611
Optometry 713-743-1893
Pharmacy* 713-743-1262
Social Work 713-743-8101
Technology 713-743-4090