Economics 7344 
Macroeconomic Theory II
Spring 2009




NOTE: Due to the Texas Monetary Conference in Houston on April 24th, the session that day is rescheduled. Michael with instead have the session on Monday, the 27th from 3:30-5 in 212 (the time that we usually have Macro seminars).


TA is Michael Clark. His office hours are Monday 2:30-3:30.


TA  Session will be Friday 11.30-1pm  in Rm 212. Starting January 30th.


Midterm 1: Monday March 9th (no TA session Friday March 13th)

Midterm 2: Monday April 6.

FINAL date is Friday May 1st.

Last year’s first midterm exam

Last year’s second midterm exam

Last year’s final


  Note on IS-LM (typos corrected 1/28)

  Guide to Romer Chapter 5.

  Short Introduction to Time Series (Updated February 18, 2009)
   Permanent Income and Measurement Error in Consumption Functions

  The general Euler Equation and Hall's version of the PIH

  Excess Sensitivity, Rule-of-Thumb Consumers and IV estimation

  The Impact of Income "Shocks" on Consumption and ``Excess Smoothness' of Consumption"

  The Impact of Interest Rates on Consumption

  The Consumption CAPM


  Ostergaard, Sorensen, Yosha, JPE 2002


Assignment                      Due 

HW #1 

 pdf                                  2/2

HW #2

 pdf                                  2/9

HW #3

 pdf                                  2/16 (corrected 2/11)

HW #4

 pdf                                  2/23

HW #5

 pdf                                  3/2

HW #6

 pdf                                  3/30

HW #7

 pdf                                  4/13 (corrected 4/13)

HW #8

 pdf                                  4/22

HW #9


HW #10