The mission of the Urban Experience Program (UEP) complements the larger mission of the University of Houston by expanding opportunities and preventing minor obstacles from becoming major setbacks to degree achievement.

Benefits of the Urban Experience Program:
UEP strives to create academic opportunities for participants in the program in concert with community and corporate networking and support. The multifaceted components of the program promote scholarship, community service, and personal and professional development; through mentorship and internship as a conduit for the development of well-trained professionals.

Office Info

Oberholtzer Hall
4361 Wheeler St. Room 250G
Houston TX, 77204-3017

Office: (713) 743-6032
Fax: (713) 743-5895
Email: UEPUH@central.uh.edu


Cost: Free!
Deadline: Open enrollment
Visit the membership page for more information.