Primary Initiatives

Dining Program Reform

The Dining Program Reform is targeted at adjusting meal plans to improve fairness and usefulness for students. During the course of the 53rd administration, we will be investigating alternative dining models to fit the needs of the student body.

Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions Process Evaluation

SGA will be evaluating recruitment targets and methods, specifically implementing the Common App as an accepted form of application to UH and engaging students between their acceptance and enrollment decision.

International Student Support

The International Student Support Initiative increases accessibility to campus housing during academic breaks. It aims to assess the support structure provided for cultural transition to the United States.

Parking & Transportation Services Improvement

Our primary goal is to implement counters in each parking lot that track and display the number of vacancies per lot. In addition to this, we plan on advocating for the raising of revenue through creating new advertising methods, and participating in the development of long-term parking plans.

Secondary Initiatives

Executive Branch

The Executive Power of the Student Government Association is vested in the elected student body President and Vice-President. The Cabinet is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The main role of the Executive Branch is to carry out the legislation passed by the Senate.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative power of the Student Government Association is vested in the Student Senate. Through legislation the Senate works toward improving the student experience at the University of Houston.

Judicial Branch

The Judiciary of the Student Government Association is vested in the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals is the Supreme Court for SGA and hears matters involved the constitutionality of legislation, disputes between branches, and is the court of last resort for election issues.

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