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DSAES IT Services is here to provide timely and effective technical support for departments within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. This website is an informational resource specifically designed to provide guidance to how and where to get technology assistance, define which services are available, and provide information about security alerts and updates.

Please note: This site and services are provided for the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services (DSAES). Technical support for non-DSAES personnel can be obtained by contacting the University Information Technology(UIT) department at 713-743-1411.


The DSAES IT Services department is committed to providing reliable support and innovative technology solutions for department services, programs and resources that sustain an environment dedicated to student success.


Working collaboratively, DSAES IT Services will maintain an efficient and proactive information technology environment that provides seamless support, elevates staff productivity, and supports Tier One programs, while seeking to contribute to increased student retention and graduation rates.

DSAES IT Services Administration  
DSAES IT Services Tech Support  
DSAES IT Services Web Support  
DSAES IT Services App Support  
Lawrence Daniel Director, Student Affairs IT Services and Special Programs 832.842.4845
Sam T. Nguyen Manager, Division Information Services 832.842.6170
Eli Aaron Systems Administrator 832.842.4672
Le Nguyen Assistant Manager, User Services Support 832.842.6173
Giang Tran User Services Specialist 832.842.6162
Kyle Stehling Assistant Manager, Design & Web Development 832.842.6171
Hunter Jones Web Developer 713.743.7537
Darryl Creeks Systems Analyst 713.743.5143
Ghazanfar Ali Application Developer 713.743.6272