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To enhance our working environment within Facilities Management resulting in a thriving, positive and engaging workplace.


  1. Communication - Serve as a resource for effective two-way communication for all employees
  2. Professional Development - Present opportunities and support resources for professional development and personal growth
  3. Best Practices - Promote staff to seek out best practices being implemented at other Tier One institutions and applicable to our situations


First Year Goals Beyond First Year
CPR/AED Training TBD
Professional Development
Recognition Process
Uniform Process Reform  
Orientation/Staff Immersion


Area Seats on the Body
North Zone 4 day shift, 1 evening shift,
1 night shift
South Zone 4 day shift, 1 evening shift,
1 night shift
Central Plant 1
Central Facilities 1
Landscape & Solid Waste 2
Auxiliary 2
Technical 3
Administration 1
Standing Members:
Melissa Rockwell-Hopkins Executive Director
Jacquie Vargas FM Communications Liaison
Ron Gonyea Staff Council Liaison
Cynthia Ramos Coordinator

Eligibility for Membership

  • Full-time benefits-eligible
  • Non-probationary
  • No disciplinary offenses within the last fiscal year
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