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Graduate Admissions and Support

To be admitted to any of the graduate programs in mathematics, a student must have an undergraduate degree and demonstrated competence in mathematics. Some GRE scores are needed and many international students also need minimum scores on the TOEFL exam.

Admission Applications:

- To apply for admission for a graduate program visit UH Graduate School Application. If you have questions about the admissions process please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ilya Timofeyev ,or the Graduate Advisor, Neha Valji.

- Application deadlines differ depending on whether one is an international or US citizen.

Specific information on mathematics admission procedures may be found at "Mathematics Application Procedures".

If you would like to take graduate courses in Mathematics, not pursing a degree, please view Non-degree Objective for more information; or learn how to become a Pre-graduate student.

Assistantships and Fellowships:

The department awards teaching assistants and fellowships to students. Some teaching assistantships may be  awarded later for positions in the Spring semester. Every semester there also are a number of research assistantships funded by grants to individual faculty or research groups. Assistantships and Fellowships are only offered to PhD candidates. In order to request for Assistantships and Fellowships, a student must apply for the PhD Program. Please contact the Graduate Advisor for the application deadline for Assistantships and Support for the academic year.