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Activities and Opportunities for UH Math Students

Organizations, Events, and Resources

The UH Math Department offers a number of opportunities and extracurricular activities for math majors.

  1. Graduate Student Seminars (GSS)


    The Graduate Student Seminars are held in Room 646 PGH at 2:00 p.m. every Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters unless otherwise announced. There are no regularly scheduled Graduate Student Seminars during the summer. View GSS Schedule for more information.

    Attending the GSS seminars provide graduate students great opportunities to talk directly with the faculty, postdocs carrying out the research. Graduate seminars also introduce first-year graduate students to ongoing research in the Mathematics Department. For those that have not decided what field of research they would like to pursue, this is an excellent opportunity to sample the various research opportunities.

  2. AMS Graduate Student Chapter


    We are an AMS Graduate Student Chapter sponsored by the American Mathematical Society. We promote mathematical research and education among graduate students in the following ways:
        - Encourage students in pure and applied mathematics.
        - Organize social and professional activities to discuss mathematics, share ideas, hone job skills, and prepare students for jobs in academia and elsewhere.
        - Increase awareness of opportunities and experiences related to mathematics and professional development.
        - Inform graduate students about all aspects of mathematics, both as a subject and a profession.
        - Promote interaction among graduate students, faculty, and undergraduates and strengthen the sense of community in our department.

  3. SIAM Student Chapter


    The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) primary goals are:
        - To foster the application of mathematics and computational science to industry and academics
        - To provide a community for exchange of information and ideas among mathematicians, engineers, and scientists
        - To facilitate career opportunities for students
        - To encourage and promote students for developing effective presentation and leadership skillsnce.

  4. Teaching Training Program

    The purpose of this program is to give our PhD students more training on teaching and presentation skills, to have better and more detailed recommendation letters in teaching performance, and to improve their teaching quality at UH.

    1. Any TA student, after passing three PhD preliminary exams, can make request to participate this program.
    2. We shall identify faculty members who agree to serve as mentors in this program.
    3. A student in the program will be assigned to a professor who is in the mentor group as a grader, including on-line course. As a mentor, the professor should help to improve this student's teaching skills and make evaluation.
      - For example, the professors may talk to the student on many teaching issues, and give some chance to let the student to teach several classes (supervised by the professor).
      - By the end of the semester, the professor should fill out an evaluation form on the student's teaching performance and send it to Director of Graduate Studies.
      - If the performance is good enough, the student's name will be sent to Dr. Wagner and Dr. He so that s/he could be assigned to teach a course as instructor of record, if needed.
      - If the performance is not good enough, the student would continue to stay in this program.
    4. In the future, if needed, the mentor professor should write a detailed letter of recommendation for her/his student on teaching performance.