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How to Dispose of EAS Property

How to dispose of old office furniture, lab equipment or shipping boxes in the EAS Dept:

If you have old office furniture, shipping boxes, or non-toxic lab equipment with no EAS with property number, you can request NSM to pick it up using this link. Note that if you simply place it in the hallway without making a request, it will not be picked up without action on your part. You can collapse cardboard boxes and take them yourself to the loading dock area on the first floor of SR1 where there is a cardboard recycling area.

If you have old office furniture, computers, or non-toxic lab equipment with an EAS property number, you need to contact Lee Ann Carroll in the EAS admin office as tracking that equipment and its property number is her responsibility. In the meantime, please dont leave it in the hallway.

The third case is disposing of old lab equipment with an EAS tag and containing hazardous materials such as mercury. For this, you would also contact Lee Ann Carroll and request a UH hazardous waste pickup at this site. Please do not attempt to move equipment with hazardous waste into the hallway as spills or other contamination could result.