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Seminar Schedule

This is an archive. To view current seminar schedule visit the Friday Seminars Page.

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston offers its seminars on most Friday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters. For more information regarding seminars please visit the seminars resource page.

Time: Most seminars are held at 11:00 am. A change of times will be noted under the date of the seminar.

Location: Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in room SR1 116 of the Science and Research Building 1. A change of rooms will be noted in red (bold) in the Date column.

Assistance with Speaker Setup: An EAS TA is assigned the task of: providing lapel microphone and making a sound check, providing remote slide changer with built in laser pointer, and loading the speaker’s slides.  For the spring 2016, semester this person is: Vanessa Caicedo ( ).

Fall 2016 Schedule 

8/27/2016 N/A    
9/2/2016 Tongwei Zhang
University of Texas, BEG
Gas adsorption and gas storage in organic-rich shale systems  Qi Fu 
9/9/2016 Nicole Gasparini
Tulane University
Diagnosing climatic and tectonic controls on topography: Best practices and application to the Northern Bolivian Andes. Peter Copeland
9/16/2016 James Klaus
University of Miami
Evolution of a Plio-Pleistocene reef margin in the Caribbean: Results of the Dominican Republic Drilling Project (DRDP)   Juan Carlos Silva-Tamayo 
9/23/2016 Jeff Nittrouer
Rice University
Hydrodynamic controls on the downstream elimination of gravel in a tectonically active fluvial-deltaic system: a case study from the Selenga River, Lake Baikal, Russia. Joel Saylor
9/30/2016 Nicolas Perez
Texas A&M
Structural inversion in the southern Peruvian Andes Joel Saylor
10/7/2016 Kim Klitgord
University of Houston
Exploration of circum-Atlantic margins from government, academic and industry perspectives Will Sager
10/14/2016 Janok Bhattacharya
McMaster University
Deep Rivers in Deep Time Guoquan Wang
10/21/2016 Gustavo Cuchiara
University of Houston
Advances in Planetary Boundary Layer modeling Bernhard Rappenglueck
10/28/2016  Zach Sharp
University of New Mexico
A calibration of the triple oxygen isotope fractionation in the SiO2-H2O system and applications to natural samples Tom Lapen
11/4/2016 Dan Hauptvogel
University of Houston
Antarctic sediment provenance Margarete Jadamec
11/11/2016 James Flynn
University of Houston
Preliminary results from one of the three major campaigns this summer, the first measurements of halogens coming in off the Gulf, measurements from the coastal waters of Korea, and measurements comparing NOx processing in clean (northern Michigan) and polluted forests (Conroe). Qi Fu
11/18/2016 Robert Wellner
Less is More when it comes to Sequence Stratigraphy: Complex Sequence Boundary Development in the Lower Cretaceous Manville Group, Subsurface Alberta, Canada Joel Saylor 
11/25/2016 N/A Thanksgiving Holiday  

Stephen Roberts
British Antarctic Survey

Reconstructing past temperatures in Antarctic lake sediments and penguin colony responses to climate and explosive volcanism on the Antarctic Peninsula  Julia Wellner