SEG Annual Meeting - University of Houston
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SEG Annual Meeting 2014

Denver, Colorado
Oct. 26 - 31, 2014
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Presentations with UH EAS faculty/students as (Co-)Authors


Monday, Oct. 27
Zhihui Zou, Hua-wei Zhou*, Yimeng Zhang, Dongshun Jia, Xinwei Huang**, and Luchen Li** Virtual-source imaging of basin structures using low-frequency teleseimsic data 4:25 PM 405


Tuesday, Oct. 28
Gennady Goloshubin*, Irina Privalova**, Pavel Rusakov**, and Yuriy Tcimbaluk Oil detection within the Middle Jurassic sediments in the southern part of Western Siberia 11:25 AM 404
Jian Zhou**, Arnold Oyem**, and John P. Castagna* An algorithm for frequency-dependent principal component spectral analysis 2:45 PM 401
Leon Thomsen* Electromagnetics and seismics: the deep connections 3:10 PM 403
John W. Neese** and Leon Thomsen* Seismic processing of numerical EM data 4:25 PM 403
Jing Wu and Arthur B. Weglein* Elastic Green's theorem preprocessing for on-shore internal multiple attenuation: Theory and initial synthetic data tests 4:25 PM 406


Wednesday, Oct. 29
Minyu Zhang** and Robert R. Stewart* S-wave velocity estimation using converted-wave VSP data 10:10 AM 404
Xinwu Huang, Huawei Zhou* A hybrid L1/L2-norm scheme with an adaptive weight factor for multiple subtraction 10:35 AM 403
Keling Chen**, Yangkang Chen, Peidong Shi and Yanyan Wang Irregular seismic data reconstruction using a percentile-half-thresholding algorithm 11:25 AM 402
Hui Li**, Hemin Yuan**, De-hua Han*, Fuyong Yan**, and Xuan Qin** Velocity anisotropy analysis of physical modeling: Ultrasonic measurement of Lucite plate layered models with artificial fractures 1:55 PM 403
Jingjing Zong**, Robert Stewart*, and Nikolay Dyaur* Salt anisotropy: Ultrasonic lab experiments and traveltime ramifications 2:45 PM 403
Xuan Qin**, De-hua Han*, and Luanxiao Zhao** Rock physics modeling of organic-rich shales with different maturity levels 4:25 PM 404


Thursday, Oct. 30
Jiannan Wang**, Robert Stewart*, Nikolay Dyaur*, and Lee Bell Marine guided-waves: Applications and filtering using physical modeling data 8:55 AM 406
Fuyong Yan**, De-hua Han*, and Qiuliang Yao** Benchtop rotational group velocity measurement on shales 10:35 AM 404


Monday, Oct. 27
Arthur B. Weglein* Multiples: Signal or noise? 1:55 PM 1EF
Fuyong Yan**, De-hua Han*, Qiuliang Yao**, and Hui Li** Seismic velocities of halite salt: Anisotropy, dispersion, temperature, and stress effects 4:25 PM 2A


Tuesday, Oct. 28
Long Huang**, Robert R. Stewart*, Nikolay Dyaur*, Samik Sil Fluid substitution effects on seismic anisotropy 1:55 PM 4B


Wednesday, Oct. 29
Zhao Li** and Evgeni Chesnokov* Source mechanism inversion in an anisotropic physical model 8:30 AM 3C
Arnold Oyem** and John Castagna* Tutorial: Sorting of spectral decomposition data 1:30 PM 3A
Jianzhong Zhang, Tiehu Zhao, Yunbao Sun, and Hua-wei Zhou* 3-D traveltime computation using interpolation of traveltime perturbations 2:20 PM 3B
Yue Du** and Robert R. Stewart*, Mark E. Willis Simulating surface seismic records from VSP data: A 3D test 4:00 PM 4B


Thursday, Oct. 30
Umberto Barbato, John Castagna*, Oleg Portniaguine, and Stu Fagin Composite attribute from spectral decomposition for fault detection 8:55 AM 2BC
Qiang Fu and Arthur B. Weglein* Internal multiple attenuation on Encana data 10:10 AM 2A
Chao Ma and Arthur B. Weglein* Including higher-order Inverse Scattering Series terms to address a serious shortcoming/problem of the internal-multiple attenuator: Exemplifying the problem and its resolution 10:35 AM 2A
Jing Wu and Arthur B. Weglein* The first test and evaluation of the inverse scattering series internal multiple attenuation algorithm for an attenuating medium 11:00 AM 2A
Leon Thomsen* Anisotropic Rock Physics in Reservoir Characterization 2:30 PM 2A