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Defense Guidelines


A thesis or dissertation committee form needs to be on file one semester before the MS thesis defense and one semester before before the Ph.D. preliminary defense.


All defenses are open to the general public and need to be publicly announced at least 7 days before the event. To create a public announcement, please complete the online thesis defense annoucement form.


Students are expected to submit the thesis or dissertation document to committee members at least two weeks before the anticipated defense. MS and PhD students who are prepared to submit their thesis or dissertation for review for final approval should submit a copy to the NSM Office of Academic Affairs (SR1, room 202) between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. The submission also has to include an original signature page containing signatures of all committee members. In case of questions, contact Sharonda Glass at

If you have published part of your Thesis or Dissertation in scientific articles, make sure to follow the additional instructions about copyright in the PDF below and to consult the PDF document Publisher Policies on Pre-Published Content. If you need to send a request for permission to the publisher, you can use the template of a letter (in WORD) below.

NSM theses and dissertations should be embargoed for 2 years, unless no embargo is requested by your professor. Even during the embargo, the title, author and abstract of the thesis/dissertation are released to the public. If you wish for this information not to be made public during the embargo, you need to request a full record hold by filling out the Embargo Exception Request form and submitting it to the UH Graduate School. This form can also be used to request a first embargo extension of 2 years, or additional 1-year extensions of the embargo.