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Key Dates

We have Fall Admission only

Online Application System Becomes Available: August 1
International Applicant Deadline (all visa types): January 15
U.S./Permanent Resident to be considered for financial assistance deadline: January 15
U.S./Permanent Resident Deadline: June 1

U.S. citizens interested in M.S. or Ph.D. in Cybersecurity can contact (for routine graduate admissions, see instructions below) regarding scholarship information for both Spring and Fall cycles. However, in general, we do not accept applicants for Spring cycle.

We no longer accept hardcopy documents. All documents can be uploaded into the online application system. The online application system can be accessed through: Remember to save your user ID and password.

After a decision is made and if approved, the applicant must submit to the Graduate School a complete, official, final transcript (or marksheets) and degree in a sealed envelope, before registration.  This may be done in person to 102 E Cullen Building, or mailed to:

University of Houston

Graduate School Admissions

4302 University Dr, Rm 102 E Cullen

Houston, TX 77204-2012

In case of any questions, please consult first our extensive Admissions FAQ page.

Application Steps

Please read the information provided on this webpage carefully.

  • Collect documents before starting application, they will be uploaded as part of the application.
  • Complete and submit application. Save application ID name and password in case you need to add documents later. This is also where you will check your application status.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application. An upload link will be emailed to recommenders for whom you supplied an email address. It is required GRE (and TOEFL if applicable) scores be officially sent by ETS, our school code is 6870. Please also upload copies of your score reports.
  • File is examined for completion. An email is sent stating complete and will be reviewed, or listing what is missing.
  • When all required materials are received, it is sent for departmental review. Review and decisions will begin after January 15.  They will continue through June 1 for International applicants, July 1 for US applicants.
  • When the departmental decision is made, the file is sent for College review (Office of the Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics).
  • The official decision is entered into student data.
  • The student will receive an email to view the decision.  If approved, the student MUST choose ‘Yes, I accept’ in applyweb for the decision to enter student data and matriculate.

I-20 requests are submitted for those International students. who choose ‘yes, I accept’ after they have uploaded satisfactory financial backing documents. When the I-20s are completed, a scanned copy is emailed to the student to verify correctness. If correct, the I-20 and New Student Information is mailed to the student.