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Where Start-ups Start Up...

UH is helping new companies take their ideas and IP into the real world. More than 350 student businesses and 28 faculty startups have launched from UH over the last couple of decades, contributing to the economic development of the Greater Houston region and beyond.

The Spirit of Innovation

At the University of Houston, we spur innovation by encouraging the very spark of an idea to the transfer of knowledge and technology. The UH innovation ecosystem has a rich history of advancing Houston’s innovation economy.


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Student Businesses Started


Faculty Startups Launched


Nation's Top Royalty Earning Institution**Without A Medical School


UH has been a great place to foster collaboration and develop commercial technologies, especially for its many faculty and student innovators and entrepreneurs.

Debora Rodrigues Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Debora Rodrigues

UH has been a great place to foster collaboration, and develop innovative and commercial technologies in many different ways. The Office of Intellectual Property and the Bauer College of Business have done a great job matching faculty holding patents with business school students to help determine the potential commercialization of the patent. We also have a unique facility space available at the Innovation Park for startup companies.

Besides the support in fostering collaboration and infrastructure for development of novel technologies, UH has been providing additional funds for UH startup companies and faculty members to support and bridge the gap of laboratory investigations and actual commercialization of innovations.

Where Innovation Begins

UH has fostered a strong entrepreneurial environment that supports new innovation and startup ventures through incubator and accelerator programs and resources. Because of the rapid development across campus and demonstrated excellence in innovation, UH has been designated as an Innovation and Economic Prosperity University.

From Idea to Reality

With strengths in advanced materials, energy, biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, and information technology, UH is becoming highly competitive in technology commercialization. UH’s cluster of materials researchers and innovators has created a strong synergy among the startup community on campus.

2017 UH Inventor Awards

UH welcomed keynote speaker Barbara J. Burger, Ph.D., president of Chevron Technology Ventures, to our 2017 Inventor Awards Ceremony. Dr. Burger spoke about Houston's potential to be a strong innovation economy.Learn More >

Mini-Robots target treatment

Mini-Robots target treatment

Researchers at UH and Houston Methodist Hospital are working to deploy tiny robots that will travel the body to deliver drugs directly through your venous system.Learn More >

New tech to end pipeline blockages

A petroleum engineer from UH has reported building a prototype device to address curde oil pipeline blockages, which currently requires the use of chemical dispersants and inhibitors or a physical process to remove the accumulated solids.Learn More >


Houston's future depends on our collective ability to generate original ideas and transform them into practical and productive innovations. UH is uniquely positioned to serve as a dynamic hub for such intellectual, startup and commercialization activity.

Renu Khator President, University of Houston
Renu Khator

Houston's future depends on our collective ability to generate original ideas and transform them into practical and productive innovations. To do so, we must have an expanding concentration of highly skilled innovators and an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports their endeavors.

At the University of Houston, we are fortunate to have both.

With strengths in education, research and manufacturing that cut across many vital sectors – energy, health, cybersecurity, defense and aerospace – UH is uniquely positioned to serve as a dynamic hub for intellectual, startup and commercialization activity as well as an exemplar for the city. We remain committed to advancing Houston’s growing innovation economy – and will continue to fully support UH Innovation.