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National I-Corps Award Recipients

  • NSF I-Corps Award Number: 1620989, Project Name: enPour - an Assistive Pouring Device for Enhanced Control and Minimized Effort (UH I-Corps Site E-Team Name: EnLiving Design).
  • NSF I-Corps Award Number: 1623835, Project Name: Human Behavioral Models for Camera Placement and Video Analytics (UH I-Corps Site E-Team Name: Behavorics).
  • NSF I-Corps Award Number: 1565402, Project Name: SMA/FRP Patches for Repair of Metallic Structures (UH I-Corps Site E-Team Name: SmartPatch).
  • NSF I-Corps Award Number: 1558240, Project Name: DotLens smartphone microscopy (Faculty PI Name: Wei-Chuan Shih).

We have also assisted and advised several faculty members who chose to apply directly to the national I-Corps and I-Corps-L programs without forming UH I-Corps Site E-Teams prior to their application. Of these teams, all three had previously completed either the WCE or RED-LABS program prior to the formal establishment of the UH I-Corps Site in September 2015.

  • NSF I-Corps Award Number: 1561151, Project Name: Exploiting matching score distributions to improve biometric recognition (Faculty PI Name: Ioannis Kakadiaris).
  • NSF I-Corps-L Award Number: 1548556, Project Name: Novel Instructional Wireless Sensor Network Kit for STEM+C Training (Faculty PI Name: Xiaojing Yuan).
  • NSF I-Corps-L Award Number: 1505403, Project Name: Social Entrepreneurship to Integrate Education, Research and Training - A University of Houston Model (Faculty PI Name: Rupa Iyer).