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I-Corps Workshop

i-corps-workshop-flyer.pngThe application for a summer I-Corps Workshop is now open to all UH students and faculty from any major, level, or college. An idea for a tech startup is required to participate. Participants will learn about the process of launching a startup including: how to find the right customer, bringing value to your customer, and how to handle intellectual property. The workshop will take place during June 12 and 23.

While participants are only expected to be in attendance on Monday, June 12 and Friday, June 23, during the time in between those two dates the participants are expected to conduct customer interviews. Successful completion of this workshop makes the participants eligible for a stipend of up to $1,500, as well as eligible to apply to the I-Corps national program; which is a more extensive startup curriculum and customer interview process. The national program comes with a $50,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

Please submit your application by May 31. If you have questions about who qualifies and how to apply, please email the Program Director, Kelly McCormick at

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Join the Innovation Corps at the University of Houston

The UH I-Corps SITE is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded initiative designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students and faculty at the University of Houston while helping to build a robust innovation ecosystem that works collaboratively with external innovators, mentors and entrepreneurs.

The UH I-Corps SITE program seeks applications from students (both under-graduate and graduate) and faculty members who would like to explore the possible commercial applications of an idea, concept or technology they have developed or would like to develop. The UH I-CORPS SITE program provides seed funding to help support these efforts. 

Learn more about program requirements.

The UH I-CORPS SITE program is designed to support the very early stages of product and business development based upon an approach known as the Lean Start-Up Model. This approach to innovation and entrepreneurship involves developing a business model for an idea or technology that is based on the concept of “customer discovery” as a way of testing whether or not the business model has merit. It also has the advantage of identifying potentially novel commercial applications of an idea or technology based on customer feedback.