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Entrepreneurship Resources Panel: Discover the Commercial Potential of Your Research

Resource FlyerLearn more about the entrepreneurship resources available at University of Houston. Hear about grant opportunities through NSF and the UH GAP fund, learn about mentor connections, take advantage of resources and information to commercialize your research.

Friday, February 10th at 11:30 am | CEMO Hall, Room 105 | RSVP Here

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Join the Innovation Corps at the University of Houston

The UH I-Corps SITE is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded initiative designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students and faculty at the University of Houston while helping to build a robust innovation ecosystem that works collaboratively with external innovators, mentors and entrepreneurs.

The UH I-Corps SITE program seeks applications from students (both under-graduate and graduate) and faculty members who would like to explore the possible commercial applications of an idea, concept or technology they have developed or would like to develop. The UH I-CORPS SITE program provides seed funding to help support these efforts. 

Learn more about program requirements.

The UH I-CORPS SITE program is designed to support the very early stages of product and business development based upon an approach known as the Lean Start-Up Model. This approach to innovation and entrepreneurship involves developing a business model for an idea or technology that is based on the concept of “customer discovery” as a way of testing whether or not the business model has merit. It also has the advantage of identifying potentially novel commercial applications of an idea or technology based on customer feedback.