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Honors Core Curriculum

Honors Core Curriculum Requirements

Students who are accepted into the Honors College after completing university course work at UH or another institution are not necessarily bound by the following requirements. Through individual advising consultations, Honors College academic advisors will assist students in determining the best options to satisfy Honors core curriculum requirements.

English and Humanities

  • Complete the six-hour course, The Human Situation I: Antiquity, three hours of which count toward the university requirement in communication, and three of which count toward humanities.

  • Complete the four-hour sequel, The Human Situation II: Modernity.

American Studies

  • Complete six hours satisfying the University requirement in American history, including at least three hours in an Honors section (HIST 1377H, HIST 1378H, or an approved 3000- or 4000-level Honors course in American history).
  • Complete six hours satisfying the University requirement in political science by successfully completing POLS 1336H and three hours of advanced political science credit from the subfields of: public administration, public law, and American politics, or from POLS 3331, 3349, 4361, and 4366.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • Complete six hours in courses that count toward the University core requirement in natural sciences, plus at least one hour of laboratory with these courses.
  • Complete six hours satisfying the University core requirement in mathematics/reasoning courses. Honors students must demonstrate a proficiency in mathematics at the elementary functions level or higher. Elementary functions courses include MATH 1314, 1330, and 2311. Proficiency may be demonstrated by testing or by coursework.

Social Sciences

  • Complete three hours of social sciences in courses approved for the University core curriculum. This three hour course should be in an Honors section.

Foreign Language

  • Complete six hours at the 2000-level or above in a foreign language, either modern or classical, with a 3.00 grade point average. Because not all colleges on campus require a foreign language as part of the degree, students should complete this requirement to the extent possible without adding hours to the degree plan.

Meeting the Upper - Division Requirements

  1. Honors students deepen their understanding of subjects by taking one of several selected advanced courses: the Honors Colloquium.

    Complete three semester hours in an approved Honors Colloquium at the 3000- or 4000-level. The Honors College offers at least ten (10) colloquia each semester, selecting them from among faculty proposals on the basis of academic challenge, interdisciplinary approach, and ability to make students active partners in the learning process.

  2. For graduation with University Honors and Honors in Major, students must complete a Senior Honors Thesis. The Senior Honors Thesis is the culmination of a student's work in the major field of study. The thesis typically carries six hours of honors credit and, for some majors, can fulfill the degree requirement of a minor.

Note: A student may take two graduate courses to fulfill the Senior Honors Thesis requirement with prior approval of the dean or associate dean of the Honors College and the student's undergraduate advisor or chair of the major department. These graduate courses must involve substantial research and writing. The student's work must be submitted to the Honors College before university Honors credit will be granted.