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Senior Honors Thesis Program Overview

The Honors College is vested with the responsibility of overseeing undergraduate thesis work throughout the university and ensuring its quality. All University of Houston undergraduate students meeting the eligibility requirements, regardless if they are affiliated with the Honors College or not, may pursue a Senior Honors Thesis. The total amount of work required for a thesis should be roughly equivalent to six hours of coursework (250-300 clock hours). You will sign up for a total of six credit hours (3399 and 4399) for your thesis. Generally, the hours will count toward your major degree requirements. You will receive an "IP" (in progress) grade for 3399, which will be changed to a letter grade when you have finished the thesis. Students who complete a Senior Honors Thesis will graduate with a particular Honors designation, which will be noted on the transcript.

College specific thesis guidelines are included at the bottom of the page.

Honors Distinctions for Thesis Students

  • University Honors with Honors in Major – Member of the Honors College, student has completed 28-36 hours of Honors coursework, including the Human Situation Sequence, and has completed a thesis
  • Collegiate Honors with Honors in Major – Member of the Honors College, student has completed 22 hours of Honors coursework or an Honors minor, and has completed a thesis
  • Membership in the Honors College with Honors in Major – Member of the Honors College, and has completed a thesis
  • Honors in Major – Student has completed a thesis

Senior Honors Thesis Program Overview

Eligibility Requirements for Thesis Program

A 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in major are required to participate in the thesis program. Students must also be approved by their academic department and the Honors College to participate.

Starting a Thesis in the Fall 2019 Semester?

Be sure to attend the mandatory thesis orientation workshop on Friday, August 23 from 2-3pm in Room 212S in the Honors College.

Thesis Timeline and Program Overview

Required Forms for Students Entering the Thesis Program

  • Verification of Eligibility Form: Due the last day of the fall or spring semester immediately prior to the semester you begin your thesis project. Must be signed by your Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Prospectus Approval Form: Due by the first day of the semester in which you start the thesis coursework sequence. See the Thesis Timeline and Program Overview for more information. The Prospectus Approval Form should be signed by your thesis advisor and second reader.
  • Senior Honors Thesis Checklist: Submitted with your prospectus and Prospectus Approval Form. Should be signed by you and your thesis advisor.
  • Department of English Thesis Advisor Form: For English majors only. Submit to your academic advisor in the English Department.
  • College of Architecture and Design Thesis Intent Form: For Architecture students only. Submit to the Student Services office by the third Monday in May of the spring semester.

College Specific Information and Guidelines

Information for Thesis Advisors