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Faculty and Staff


Armstrong, Richard


Classical Studies

Asmussen, Jennifer

Director, Undergraduate Research

Director, Phronêsis Minor & Program

Political Science, Phronêsis

Development Officer


Belco, Michelle

Faculty Political Science

Bhojani, Sarah

Director, Admissions & Recruitment Staff

Brenner, David

Faculty German, English

Brown, Julia

Design & Presentation Developer Office of Undergraduate Research

Charara, Hayan

Faculty English, Creative Writing

Cheek, Ann

Faculty Biology

Church, Jeff

Faculty Political Science

Claydon, Fritz

Director, Honors Engineering Program Engineering

Cremins, Robert

Faculty English

Erwing, Douglas

Faculty History

Estess, Ted

Founding Dean English

Ferguson, Jamie

Faculty English

Freeland, Cynthia

Faculty Philosophy

Gardner Jr., Everette

Director, Bauer Honors Program Bauer

Gish, Dustin

Associate Director, 
Phronêsis Minor & Program

Political Science, Phronêsis

Gnospelius, Sarah

Administrative Director, 
Bauer Honors Program

Guenther, Irene

Faculty History

Garner, Richard

Faculty English, Speech & Debate

Hallmark, Lynda

Staff  Center for Creative Work

Hallmark, Terry

Faculty Energy & Sustainability

Hanke, Marc

Faculty Biology

Harwell, Debbie

Faculty History

Hayes, Martha

Manager, Communication Staff

Hennessy, Jennifer

Manager, Recruitment & Student Life Staff

Hofmeister, John

Faculty Energy & Sustainability

Keen, Shannon

Director, Service Learning
& Student Outreach

Lambeth, Laurie

Faculty Medicine & Society

Lamson, Brandon

Faculty English, Creative Writing

Leland, Alison

Faculty Political Science, Bonner Leaders Program


Assistant Dean, 
Academic Programs
Political Science

Liddell, Robert

Faculty English

Lindner, Peggy

Faculty Data Analytics in Student Hands

Little, Andy

Coordinator of Academic Services Political Science

Long, Stuart

Associate Dean, 
Office of Undergraduate Research

Lopez, Lorena

College Business Administrator Staff

Lyke, Larry

Academic Advisor English

Maya, Gabriela

Faculty English, Creative Writing

Meyer, Kimberly

Faculty English

Mikics, David

Faculty English

Miljanic, Olivia

Director, Global Studies 
& Research Program       

Monroe, William

Dean English

Morrisson, Iain

Faculty Philosophy

Myrick, Keri

Staff Operations & Advancement

Nash, Woods

Faculty Medicine and Society Program

Newman, Anna

Faculty Biology

Nuila, Ricardo

Faculty Literature and Medicine

Price, Dan

Faculty Undergraduate Research

Rainbow, David

Faculty Russian History

Rainbow, Jesse

Faculty Religious Studies

Ramirez, Brenda

Financial Coordinator HR

Reynolds, Aaron

Advising & Program Development,
Medicine & Society Program

Rhoden, Brenda

Assistant Dean, Student Success Leadership Studies

Rios, Elena

Events Staff

Shattuck, David

Evaluation, Planning & Assessment

Sirrieh, Rita

Academic Advisor Biochemistry

Sommers, Tamler

Faculty Philosophy

Valier, Helen

Faculty Medicine & Society

Anna Vershynina


Accelerated Calculus

Weber, Karen

Assistant Dean, Co-Curricular Programs Undergraduate Research

Zaretsky, Robert

Faculty French, History