About Us

Note: Regarding admission questions, please contact the program to which you are interested in applying or have applied.

University of Houston Graduate School
102 E. Cullen Building
Houston, Texas 77204-2012

To contact the Graduate School staff, please email gradschool@uh.edu

Dr. Dmitri Litvinov, Vice Provost & Dean of the Graduate School

Provides the overall leadership and the oversight of the Graduate School operations; develops and implements strategic initiatives critical to graduate student success; facilitates effective financial support policies; leads the graduate student professional development initiatives; oversees development and implementation of graduate policies and procedures; coordinates graduate admissions and leads graduate admissions infrastructure development.

Princess Ephriam, Administrative Assistant to the Vice Provost

Provides support and coordination for Dean’s schedule and activities; facilitates Graduate and Professional Studies Committee and Graduate Associate Deans Council; coordinates various Graduate School events including Graduate Orientation and Graduate Research and Scholarship Projects (GRaSP) Day; coordinates various activities for Graduate School personnel, including travel and meetings.  Supervises student workers and graduate students on various tasks.

Stephanie Shock, Associate Director

Provides project leadership in major initiatives including effective handling of Graduate Tuition Fellowship, Presidential and Houston Endowment fellowships; oversees and supports UH Graduate School operations; supports the analysis of strategic investments; advises Dean on fiscal and strategic enrollment issues; serves as the Dean’s liaison to graduate colleges; oversees all financial aspects of graduate admissions infrastructure; oversees staff time reporting compliance and miscellaneous personnel issues.

Megan Wright, Assistant Director for Graduate/International Admissions

Oversees all aspects of graduate admissions operations, including online applications, transcript and miscellaneous document processing, applicant support, international admissions processing.  Assists in the development and implementation of graduate admissions policies and procedures.  Supports institutional reporting for incoming students.  Supervises the transcript processing unit and the international admissions units. Serves as the point of contact for graduate admissions advisors.

Chris Foster, Assistant Director for Graduate Programs & Student Records

Manages academic records of graduate and professional students; oversees timely processing of graduate & professional student petitions; supports graduate programs reviews; oversees electronic thesis and dissertation processing; provides academic appeals adjudication support; tracks degree progress and academic standing audits; helps enforce academic standards; assists in the development and implementation of graduate student policies and procedures, including catalog language review; serves as administrator of graduate advisor communications (listserv) and meetings; serves as point of contact for graduate academic advisors.

Akash Bhatt, Application Developer 4

Supports technical infrastructure for graduate  admission, academic records, and communications, develops reporting tools for academic units, maintains dynamic and informative UH Graduate School web site, and provides information technology infrastructure support and training.  Other activities include development of new applications and tools for use by staff and colleges.