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Recent UH Fulbright Fellows

Wilson Chang

Wilson Chang, Fulbright Fellow 2013-2014

"Wilson Chang awarded Fulbright Fellowship to Teach English in Macau"
ABSTRACT: As an ETA in Macau, Wilson Chang will gain valuable experience for a future career as an educator. As a Chinese-American and fluent Cantonese speaker, Wilson feel that this will be an unique oppurtunity to interact with students as an educational ambassador for the United States. This will aslo be a chance for him to explore Chinese heritage and experience life half-way across the globe. Read more...

Carminia Martinez

Carminia Martinez, Fulbright Fellow 2012-2013

“The 2012 Movement in Yucatan, Mexico: A Comparative Study of Mayan and New Age Millenarianism”
ABSTRACT: The research proposes to study the 2012 Mayan end-date movement in Yucatan, Mexico by undertaking a comparative study of two cultures (Mayan and New Age) coming together to witness an unprecedented global event that occurs once every 26,000 years. Carminia will document the behind-the-scenes perspective by conducting interviews throughout 2012-2013 on the expectations, preparations, and aftermath of December 21, 2012. Read more...

Dylan paul

Dylan Paul, Fulbright Fellow 2012-2013

“Vocal Approaches to Storytelling: Carnival and Beyond”
ABSTRACT: In four phases of execution (class study, speech recording & analysis, field research, and performance coaching), Dylan will research, record, and define the vocal pedagogies & techniques used by carnival Mas (masquerade) actors in the creation and execution of their unique theatrical form. The project is specifically designed for Trinidad and Tobago, with a scholarly lens focused on roles singular to the twin islands' Carnival variant. Read more...

Boomer Trujilo

Glenn “Boomer” Trujillo, Fulbright Fellow 2011-2012

University of Houston graduate student Glenn “Boomer” Trujillo was one of four UH Cougars selected to receive the 2011-2012 Fulbright Fellowship.Through the Fulbright, Boomer was able to live in Bochum, Germany for 10 month while he taught as an English Teaching Assistant. Read more...

Donna Huanca

Donna Huanca, Fulbright Fellow 2011-2012

Whoever coined the phrase “making something out of nothing,” must have known how University of Houston alumni, and Fulbright Fellow, Donna Huanca would use her talents. Donna is a professional artist who takes what some might call trash and turns it into treasure by creatively transforming old clothing, shoes, and fabrics into wearable art. Read more...