Students & Alumni: Current UH Fulbright Fellows


Wilson Chang

Wilson Chang, Fulbright Fellow 2013-2014

"Wilson Chang awarded Fulbright Fellowship to Teach English in Macau"
ABSTRACT: As an ETA in Macau, Wilson Chang will gain valuable experience for a future career as an educator. As a Chinese-American and fluent Cantonese speaker, Wilson feel that this will be an unique oppurtunity to interact with students as an educational ambassador for the United States. This will aslo be a chance for him to explore Chinese heritage and experience life half-way across the globe. Read more...

Carminia Martinez

Carminia Martinez, Fulbright Fellow 2012-2013

“The 2012 Movement in Yucatan, Mexico: A Comparative Study of Mayan and New Age Millenarianism”
ABSTRACT: The research proposes to study the 2012 Mayan end-date movement in Yucatan, Mexico by undertaking a comparative study of two cultures (Mayan and New Age) coming together to witness an unprecedented global event that occurs once every 26,000 years. Carminia will document the behind-the-scenes perspective by conducting interviews throughout 2012-2013 on the expectations, preparations, and aftermath of December 21, 2012. Read more...

Dylan paul

Dylan Paul, Fulbright Fellow 2012-2013

“Vocal Approaches to Storytelling: Carnival and Beyond”
ABSTRACT: In four phases of execution (class study, speech recording & analysis, field research, and performance coaching), Dylan will research, record, and define the vocal pedagogies & techniques used by carnival Mas (masquerade) actors in the creation and execution of their unique theatrical form. The project is specifically designed for Trinidad and Tobago, with a scholarly lens focused on roles singular to the twin islands' Carnival variant. Read more...