• Account List
   • Budget Account/Actual Account Cross Reference is available in the Finance System.
     – Navigation to Expenditure node/account cross reference (BUD_EXPENSE tree)
        in the Finance System(09-01-13 most current dated tree):
       Main Menu\Tree Manager\Tree Viewer Tree name = BUD_EXPENSE
     – Navigation to Revenue node/account cross reference (BUD_REVENUE tree)
        in the Finance System(09-01-2010 most current dated tree):
       Main Menu\Tree Manager\Tree Viewer Tree name = BUD_REVENUE
   • Food and Entertainment-Related Accounts
   • Job Code and Account Cross Reference HR730
   • New Salary and Wage Budget Node and Account Information

Accounts Receivable Reconciliation
Business Continuity Plan
Cash Handling
   • MAPP 05.01.01 Guidelines
      – Departmental Cash Handling Guidelines
      – Petty Cash & Change Fund Guidelines
      – Cash Fund Custodian Responsibilities
      – Addendum A - Departmental Petty Cash/Change Fund Request for Establishment or
         Modification, Acknowledgement of Receipt of Funds, and/or Cash Policies &
         Procedures Certification.
      – Addendum B - Petty Cash Advance Request Form
      – Addendum C - Incident Report Form
      – Addendum D - Overage/Shortage Report Form

   • Additional Information
      – Cash Journal and Deposits Guidelines
      – Credit Card Commission Rates
      – Detailed Cash-Check Deposit Procedures
      – Electronic Payment Guidelines Effective 9/1/2014
      – Electronic Payment Notification of Pending Transactions Form
      – NSF Check Procedures
      – Remote Deposit Procedures – Gift
      – Remote Deposit Procedures – Non Gift
      – Responsibilities of Accounting Departments
      – Responsibilities of Cash Handling Areas
      – Responsibilities of Component CFOs
      – Responsibilities of Treasurer
      – Treasury Offset Notices (Federal)
      – UHPD Deposit Transfer Information
      – UHPD Money Transmittal Request Changes May 19 2015
Certifying Signatories – Individuals authorized to approve non-workflow transactions for their college/division by signing the appropriate document (e.g., Travel Requests) or through email (e.g., Physical Plant Work Requests).  Department approvers, which approve workflow transactions, are listed separately on this web page for each transaction category (e.g., GL Journal Workflow, Voucher Workflow, etc.).
Citibank P/T Card Auditorium Training
   • General Information
   • GCMS Instruction - P-Cards
   • GCMS Instruction - Travel Cards
   • College/Division Administrators
CORESTAFF(University Contracted Temp Agency)
   • CORESTAFF Central Billing Procedure
   • Instructions for the CORESTAFF system

Cost Center Verification Toolkit
   • Auxiliary Administrative Charge Allocation
   • Benefit Pool Allocation
   • Cost Center Manager Delegation Memo
   • Cost Center Verification Log
   • Cost Center Verification Procedure
   • How to read the 1074 Report
   • IDC analysis worksheet
   • IDC Analysis 1074 Example
   • Physical Plant Charges
   • Postal Charges

DEPTID_ROLLUP Tree --- Instructions for using the DEPTID_ROLLUP tree with placeholders to run Finance reports.
Document Imaging FAQs
DS Waters Water Filtration Unit
   • DS Waters Program
   • DS Waters Order Form
   • DS Waters Order Process Flowchart
Finance Queries
   • Instructions for Sharing a Private Query
   • Queries Recommended for Departments
Foundation Payment Request Procedures
Fund Codes
GL Journal Workflow Information
   • GL Journal Checklist --- Quick reference to key journal creation steps and backup document
   • GL Journal Creation
   • GL Journal Creators and Approvers --- List of UH operators who create and/or approve GL
      journals in workflow.
   • GL Journal Online Training --- Register for online GL journal workflow training.
Glossary of Finance Terms
Internet Explorer 7.0 and the Finance System --- Recommended setup instructions for IE 7.0 that will allow users of the Finance System to download reports and queries to Excel. Please note that these instructions do not address incompatibility issues with the HR System or other applications, which are being tested separately.
Operational Cash Advance Procedures --- Effective December 1, 2014
P-Card and Travel Card Information
   • P-Card and Travel Card Matrix --- Summarizes the use, restrictions, and payment process
      for all types of P-Cards and Travel Cards.
   • P-Card Information
   • Travel Card Information
Professional Memberships
Requisition Workflow Information
   • PowerPoint “Requisition Workflow”--- Overview of Requisition Workflow identifying changes.       Also includes Requisition Reminders.
   • Requisition Workflow process --- A comprehensive Word document that takes the user step       by step though the process of entering a Requisition into Workflow.
   • Creators and Approvers --- List of UH operators who create and/or approve requisitions in      workflow.
   • Buyer Table --- Table that identifies the Buyer responsible for individual Colleges and/or       Divisions.
Resale Inventory – Departmental Reconciliation & Reporting Procedures
SC Voucher Workflow Information
   • SC Voucher Creation
   • SC Voucher Creators and Approvers --- List of UH operators who create and/or approve
      SC vouchers in workflow.
   • SC Voucher Online Training --- Register for online SC Voucher workflow training.
   • Service Center and Auxiliary Business Process Matrix --- Business process used by each       UH service center and auxiliary for accepting orders and processing payments.
SC Voucher Information
   • Contractual Agency Fund Support of Operating Expenses on SC Vouchers
Subscribe to Finance Listserv
Transaction Processing
   • Best Practices for Vendor Payments --- Recommended procedures for paying external       vendors, service centers, and auxiliaries, and reimbursing employees and students.
   • Fund Equity Transfers --- Do's and don'ts of transferring fund equity between local funds and       between state funds.
   • PO Finalize Instructions --- Instructions for reviewing and releasing PO encumbrances.
   • Procurement Rules Checklist --- Quick reference to procurement rules, including special       approval and backup requirements.
   • Prompt Payment Summary --- Summarizes prompt payment and payment scheduling rules       for vouchers covered in MAPP 04.01.10, Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling.
   • State Fund Procurement Restrictions --- Summarizes key restrictions for purchases with       state funds.
   • Transferring Non-Payroll Expenses --- Describes the process and steps used to transfer       non-payroll expenses between local funds, between state funds, from state to local funds,       and from local to state funds.
   • Uniform Guidance (OMB Circular A-81) for Federally Funded Projects --- Summary of       changes to procurement policies and procedures related to Uniform Guidance for federally       funded projects. Changes are effective December 26, 2014.
Vendor Information
   • Vendor Hold Status
   • Vendors Setup and Changed in Last 30 Days
Voucher Workflow Information
   • Voucher Creators and Approvers --- List of UH operators who create and/or approve
      vouchers in workflow.
   • Voucher Online Training --- Register for online Voucher workflow training.
   • Voucher Workflow Handout --- Training material used in online Voucher Workflow training.
   • Voucher Workflow Matrix for Scholarships and Tax-Related Payments --- The matrix
      indicates which workflow path to choose (Scholarships or Tax) based on (1) the account used
      and (2) the classification of the payee (student, employee, etc.). This information is also
      provided in a different format on pages 3 and 4 of the Voucher Workflow Handout.
Where the Money Goes --- Link to Texas Comptroller’s list of state expenditures.
Year-End Procedures
   • AP Accrual Procedure
   • AR Procedure
   • Changing FY14 Vouchers to FY15
   • Creating 998 Journal Entries
   • Period 998 FAQs
   • Prior-Year PO Encumbrances
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