Animal Purchases
   • Animal Purchase Flowchart --- Describes process for purchasing lab animals.
   • Animal Purchase Request Form --- Request to purchase lab animals.
Application Access Request Forms
   • Financial System Access
   • UHPRD Imaging System Access Form
Baseline Standards Form --- Indicates persons responsible for completing administrative tasks within each department that ensure adequate internal controls.
   • Instruction --- Instructions for completing Baseline Standards Form.
Cash Deposit/Cash Handling Forms
   • Cash Deposit Form - Computer
   • Cash Deposit Form - Hand Written
   • Incident Report
   • Overage/Shortage Report
   • Petty Cash Advance Request
   • Request for Establishment or Modification of a Departmental Cash Fund and
      Acknowledgment of the Receipt of Funds and/or Cash Policies and Procedures
   • UH Gift Transmittal Form
Cash Handling Policy Guidelines
   • Cash Handling Policy and Procedure (Example Document)
   • Cash Handling Policy and Procedure Guidelines for Colleges_Divisions
Certification of No Boycott of Israel
   • UH Certification of No Boycott Israel Form
   • UHS No Boycott of Israel Memo
   • FY 2019 Annual No Boycott Israel Certifications
Certifying Signature List Form (Addendum C, MAPP 05.02.01) --- Signed by individuals authorized to approve non-workflow expenditures in accordance with MAPP 05.02.01.
   • FY2018
   • FY2019
Concur Access Form - Only for departments currently using Concur
   • Concur Supplemental Form for Employee Access Updates
   • Concur Non-Employee Access Form
Cost Center Manager Change Form –-- Used to add or change Cost Center Managers for one or more cost centers.
Chartfield Action Forms --- Forms to add, inactivate, or change Chartfields.

Emergency Forms and Process
Emergency AP Payment Request --- Used by UH departments to request an emergency payment (manual check) through Accounts Payable in the event that vouchers cannot be processed through normal channels due to the Finance System being unavailable for an extended period to time.
Emergency PO Request --- Used by UH departments to request an emergency purchase order through Purchasing in the event that requisitions and purchase orders cannot be processed through normal channels due to the Finance System being unavailable for an extended period to time.
Emergency Procurement and Payment Process --- Planned steps for making purchases and requesting emergency payments in the event that the normal processes are unavailable for an extended period of time.

Encumbrance Adjustment Form --- The Encumbrance Adjustment Form is used to request non-payroll encumbrance adjustments (UH and UH System only). Instructions are included on a separate sheet of the Excel file.
Endowment Forms
   • Endowment Fund Transfer
   • Return to Principal Request
Fleet Card Program
   • Program Information
   • Fleet Card (Vehicle Card)
      ‌° Vehicle Fleet Card Application
      ‌° Vehicle Fleet Card Driver Enrollment Form
   • Fleet Card (Driver Card)
      ‌° Driver Fleet Card Application
      ‌° Driver Fleet Card Vehicle Enrollment Form
Foundation Payment Request Form
Gift Card Request Form --- Required for purchase of gift cards/certificates, whether purchased out-of-pocket by an employee and reimbursed on a voucher or purchased directly from a vendor with a voucher or local P-Card.
Official Functions Approval Form --- Required for advanced approval of official functions where expenditures are expected to exceed $5,000.  See MAPP 05.02.02.
Policy Exception Memo --- Required to request an exception to a university policy (SAM or MAPP).  Instructions are included on page 2 of the memo.
Property Management Forms --- Property Action Form, Dell Trade-in Form, and Comptroller's Missing & Stolen Report.
Professional Membership Organizations Approved for State Funds --- If paying professional membership fees with state funds, the organization must be on the approved list.  Submit a Membership List Addition Request Form to add an organization.  If paying professional membership fees with local funds, the organization does not have to be on the approved list.
Records Retention Forms
   • Records Retention Storage Transfer Form
SC Vendor Set-Up
   • SC Vendor Set-Up Request Form
   • SC Vendor Set-Up Request Form Example
   • SC Vendor Set-Up Instructions
Taxable Payments or Reimbursements to Employees --- Required for taxable payments or reimbursements defined in SAM 03.D.06.
Tejas Access Form --- used to request an account with the UH Office Supplies Vendor, Tejas Office Products. Account is required to obtain University of Houston pricing.
Travel Forms --- For use by departments to obtain travel approval and/or to process travel advances/reimbursements.
Vendor Forms --- Direct Deposit Authorization, Vendor Setting, and Individual Setup Forms.
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