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Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan is a five-year outlook, updated annually, that identifies Major improvements, capital projects, and land acquisitions, and includes a projected schedule and financing strategies for each. The Plan provides a link between the University’s academic plan and capital budget.

Capital Improvement Plan Phases:

Facilities Condition Assessment Phase (Three assessments in 10 year cycle)

In accordance with a recent policy change, the physical condition of one third of the campus’ building inventory is assessed approximately every three years, so that an assessment of the entire campus is complete every ten years.  A full campus-wide-assessment was completed in January 2012.  In latter 2015, the first of the assessments comprising a third of the campus will commence.

Needs Assessment Phase (November through April, annually)

  • Needs Assessment questionnaire distributed to user groups
  • Responses assembled into assessment report
  • Responses compared with Facility Condition Assessment Data
  • Report vetted by partnering with Academic Affairs/Research
  • Student enrollment projections are overlaid
  • Alignment with University's strategic academic plan and projected enrollment confirmed
  • Assessment report and updated Campus Plan is present to the BOR

User needs survey results gathered in the fourth and first quarters of the year are incorporated in the Plan, which is presented to the Board of Regents each May.  Board review and approval of the System CIP provides an opportunity for the Board to be involved in the planning stages of the projects, shape System priorities, and discuss the strategic direction of each system component and its capital and deferred maintenance program.

Capital Improvement Plan Preparation (February through April, annually)

  • Project Planning Forms filled out for viable requested projects
  • Facility Condition Assessment evaluation / alignment confirmed
  • Projects Ranked and scheduled
  • Costs with option for financing prepared
  • Plan to BOR (then annually, thereafter)

Campus Master Plan Preparation (June through February, every 5 years)

  • Previous Land-use plans are updated/vetted
  • Impact of actual and projected enrollment increases are reviewed
  • Public infrastructure planning is integrated
  • Approved Capital Projects are located
  • CFPC review and approval of Capital Project site locations
  • Plan submitted to BOR every 5 years

Questions about the Capital Improvement Plan?

Christa Rieck
Executive Director of Planning
(713) 743-4191