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New Faculty - 2009

Carrie Elizabeth Goodin-Mayeda


Assistant Professor, teaching and research interest include phonetics and phonology and speech perception. She also has strong interest in language acquistion and bilingualism research from a generative perspective. 

Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez


Assistant Professor, specializes in Semantics-Syntax interface (both applied to Spanish and at the theoretical level), Historical Romance Linguistics, and Pragmatics. She also has strong interest in the areas of Applied Linguistics and Second/Foreign Language Learning and Acquisition.

Spring 09 - Hybrid classes on Saturdays

Starting in Spring 09, the Department of Hispanic Studies is offering Major requirement courses in hybrid format: this format combines traditional class instruction on Saturdays with a significant amount of instruction delivered through educational technology. The new courses offer many benefits to students who want more scheduling options, reduction of their commuting time, small classes, and interaction with others through electronic communications. To learn more about benefits for weekend students, please

Course Description Meetings Requirements
SPAN 3302
Intensive practice in the writing of Spanish in varying formal and informal styles from reports to letters. Saturdays,
9:00 -10:30
SPAN 2302 or equivalent
SPAN 3308
Designed for students from a Spanish-speaking background. Intensive practice in the writing of Spanish in formal and informal styles. Saturdays,
9:00 - 10:30
SPAN 2308 or Placement test
SPAN 3305
Review of the fundamental Spanish grammatical structures with an emphasis on those aspects of the language which are more difficult for students. Saturdays,
10:30 -12:00
SPAN 2302 or SPAN 2308