SAMs in Component Campus Review, Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2019

The following SAMs have been recommended for review by University of Houston System Subject Matter Experts (SME). To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by March 22, 2019 (Friday).

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted by the SME for Component Campus Review.
SAM Number and Name
Review Initiated By
Proposed Changes
SAM 01.B.07 - Facilities Acquisition, Construction, or Renovation
System Office of Facilities/
Construction Management
Added "repair" to Section 1; changed cost from $1,000,000 to $300,000 or more for University of Houston Facilities. Removed information on UHS applicability for authorization to lease, acquire property, or other facility modifications in Section 2.1. Updated process for projects less than $300,000 and greater than $300,000 in Section 2.2. In Section 2.3.c, added project costs over $1,000,000 require UHS Facilities Planning involved in the development of the project. Added Section 2.3.g for Auxiliary operations required proforma paperwork. Created a new Section 2.4 for projects over $5,000,000 will need to follow the Capital Improvement Program process. In Section 2.5, projects over $1,000,000 must be documented on an MP1, which must be validated and approved by UHS Facilities Planning. Updated Section 2.7 for all System components tracking and recording capital and renovation projects in plant funds; also updated Section 2.7.a and Section 2.7.b on establishing procedures for cost centers, budgets and review of funding. Rewrote Section 2.8 on requirements for funding of construction and renovation projects. Revised Section 2.9 on guidelines for projects under $1 million with a fundraising component. Added Section 2.10 on projects following the current Project Delivery Manual. Added Section 2.11 for all project results meeting all applicable building costs and satisfying all State, local and University System requirements, with waivers being submitted to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities/Construction Management. Added Section 2.12 on circumventing programming rules and guidelines being prohibited. Added Section 2.13 on prohibited actions and Section 2.14 on phased project guidelines. Changed the Responsible Party to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities/Construction Management. Changed the review period from every three years to every five years on or before March 1.

SAM 01.D.14 - Title VI Non-Discrimination Compliance Policy
(Removing "Interim" Designation)
System Office of
Legal Affairs and General Counsel
In full review cycle to remove the "Interim" designation.

SAM 01.F.01 - Public Safety Standards
System Office of
Police Operations
Updated links and titles as applicable in documentation. Changed TCLEOSE to TCOLE for Section 2.4. Removed all examples of regional teaching center in Section 3.1. Removed examples of definitions for Clery crimes and reporting hierarchy rules, leaving the Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting in Section 3.1.a.3. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before September 1. Added Associate Vice Chancellor of Police Operations in Section 6.

SAM 03.G.02 - Agency Funds
System Office of
Changed the identity of the department sponsor in Section 4.a from dean or associate vice president’s level to full-time faculty or staff documented as cost center manager in the Finance system. Added Section 4.b to document allowable purposes for creating organization cost centers; these purposes do not include potential employment-type activities. Added Section 4.c on guidelines for employment activities paid from the agency funds; agency funds cannot be used for employee relationships, which need to be processed through Human Resources and paid from University funds via the payroll process. Added
SAM 02.A.24 to Section 4.c to identify employee relationships and to new Section 7, References.

These revisions were made due to an IRS audit.

Changed the review cycle from every three years to every five years on or before March 1. Updated links as applicable.

SAM 05.A.02 - F and J Visa International Student Health Insurance Requirements
(Removing "Interim" Designation)
System Office Of Student Affairs and
Enrollment Services and
System Office Of
Legal Affairs and General Counsel
This document is in a full review cycle to remove “Interim” designation. Added the word "verifiable" to employer-provided group health plan in Section 5.1.2. Added Section 5.1.3 on mandatory rider purchase if the group health policy does not have medical evaluation and repatriation that equals amount compared to SHIP. Removed language regarding English Language Institute Students from UH - Downtown in
Section 5.2 (third bullet). Removed Section 5.2.2, and added same language to Section 5.1.3, a more appropriate placement. Removed Section 6.2.3 on English Language Institute students from UH- Downtown. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before March 1.

SAM 05.C.03 - Student Travel
(New SAM Number and Location)
System Office of
Risk Management/ System Office of
Student Affairs and Enrollment Services
Changed number and location of SAM from 03.E.08 to 05.C.03. Changed all content in document, including enhancing the content in Section 1, a list of definitions in Section 2; prohibiting use of all 15-passenger vans (Section 7.2.3), and adding references (Section 12). Changed the review period from every two years to every five years on or before March 1. Changed links and titles as applicable.

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