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SAMs Reviewed During FY10 - 2nd Quarter

The following SAMs were recommended for review by the component university subject matter experts. The review period concluded and changes are currently being distributed for approval. The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that were submitted.

SAM Number and Name Proposed Changes
SAM 01.C.09 - Tort Liability SAM 01.C.09 was submitted for its scheduled review by the Environmental Health and Risk Management Department. Changed responsibility titles per current operating requirements. The responsible party changed from the AVC for Plant Operations to the AVC for Finance throughout the document. The review period changed from March 1st to June 1st. These changes were proposed by the System Office of Risk Management.
02.A.25 - Termination Clearance Guidelines Section 3.5 of SAM 02.A.25 was updated to remove the requirement to submit a Personnel Action Request 5 days prior to the date of termination and replaced with the requirement to submit the ePAR prior to the end of the payroll processing period. These changes were submitted as "housekeeping" by the component human resources officers.
03.A.01 - Expenditures of All Funds Administered by the University of Houston System Section 4.3 of SAM 03.A.01 was edited to remove the requirement to update and maintain a centralized list of authorized transaction approvers. A receiving report and a copy of the purchase order were removed from the required supporting documentation for payment of materials and services in Section 4.4. Procedures for the retention of an original contract were removed from Section 4.6, which are outlined in a separate policy. Section 5 was updated to remove the specific sections of various laws and regulations where state fund expenditure restrictions may be found and replaced with the General Appropriations Act and guides from the State Comptroller's office. Section 5.3 was removed. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance.

SAM 03.A.05 - Contract Administration - Redlined draft

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SAM 03.A.05 was re-written to align it with current legislation and Board policy. Procedures were also changed throughout to reflect current practices. The policy was reassigned to the Office of Legal Affairs and a definitions section was added. Component universities are required to establish and maintain a contract numbering system. Procedures for the use of standard addendums were included. Investment agreements no longer require board approval per board policy. Delegations of authority were removed as they are available on the Chancellor's website.  These delegations may be further delegated with the submission of a Delegation of Authority Memorandum. All consulting services contracts must be reviewed and approved by Contract Administration.  Revenue generating contracts must be reviewed by Contract Administration so that they may coordinate with the Tax Department to ensure that adverse tax implications are not created. Reporting requirements regarding the use of non-resident bidders, information on the Texas Electronic Marketplace, and Exhibit B were removed. These changes were proposed by Contracts Administration.
SAM 03.A.24 - Extension of Credit by University of Houston System Component Universities SAM 03.A.24 was submitted for its scheduled review by the Office of Finance. The language was updated to be consistent with other SAMs.
SAM 03.C.01 - The Planning and Budgeting Process The language was updated throughout SAM 03.C.01 to be consistent with other SAMs. Section 4.2.b was edited to replace specific auxiliary enterprise program names with general program descriptions. “Functional budget category” was included in Section 7.4.b to describe the budget nodes that control expenses within a set of defined goods or services. These changes were proposed by Academic Affairs and Policies & Procedures.
SAM 03.E.08 - Travel by Students to Component University Funded Activity SAM 03.E.08 was submitted for its scheduled review by the Risk Management Department and the Dean of Students' Office. Applied revised SAM template and added new Revision Log. Changed reference from SAM 03.E.06 to SAM 01.C.13 throughout text. Removed reference to MAPP 04.02.04 in Section 2.3. Changed responsible party and added AVC for Student Development. Changed review period to every two years on or before March 1st. Added VC for Student Affairs to approval cycle. Removed Section 12, Index Terms.
SAM 03.F.02 - Endowment Management Several definitions were added to SAM 03.F.02. The college professorship was deleted from the list of endowment types in Section 3.3, and UH Tier One Scholarships and Passport Scholarships were added. The Presidential Endowed Fellowship minimum funding was also changed to $50,000. Section 3.3.g was edited to require all quasi-endowments to be fully funded at the time they are created. Section 3.3.h was added to establish holding procedures for funds collected pending all required elements to establish the endowment. A statement to Section 3.4 was added to clarify that Exhibit C must be completed prior to any funds being solicited. The endowment approval procedures were updated to require that the Treasurer notify the benefiting campus CFO of the endowment and request the establishment of an income cost center. Back up documentation is required of component universities requesting to transfer funds to or from an endowment cost center. Section 3.12.e was adjusted to specify that the book value of an endowment receives the realized gains or losses. Procedures for the Treasurer's review of each endowment's market value versus corpus to identify and notify underwater and above water endowments were included in Ssection 3.14.j. A clause was added to Exhibit C to outline the procedures for endowments that do not reach the minimum funding level within the specified time. These changes were proposed by the Treasury and University Advancement.
SAM 03.G.01 - Year End Closeout Procedures for Deficit Balances SAM 03.G.01 was submitted for its scheduled review by the Office of Finance.
SAM 03.H.01 - Records Retention SAM 03.H.01 was submitted for its scheduled review by the Office of Finance.
SAM 06.A.11 - Procedures for the Operation of International Programs SAM 06.A.11 was submitted for its scheduled review by the Office of Academic Affairs.
SAM 08.A.02 - Private Support Organizations and Foundations Section 5.6 of SAM 08.A.02 was adjusted to expand the EVC for Administration and Finance's responsibilities to include the review of IRS Form 990's and the implementation of procedures to ensure the proper accounting of all support provided to the System. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance, University Advancement, and Internal Audit.

*Please note that the policies contained in this section are not official.  The changes have been submitted to University Policies and Procedures and are currently under review.  To view official System Administrative Memoranda, go to

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