Fiscal Year 2019 - 1st Quarter MAPPs in Executive Review

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts. To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by November 2, 2018 (Friday).

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted.

MAPP Number and Name
Proposed Changes
MAPP 01.03.05 - Alumni Memorial Process (New MAPP) This document is applicable to all University of Houston (UH) departments requesting that University of Houston Alumni Relations (UHAR) provide in memoriam tributes such as lowering the UHAA/UH Athletics Flags in front of the Alumni Center and/or creating a proclamation to be shared with the family of a deceased alumna or alumnus. It provides guidelines for the scheduling and implementation of the afore-mentioned approved tribute services.
This MAPP was originated by University Advancement and the UH Alumni Center.

MAPP 01.04.01 - UH Branding
Policy (New MAPP)
The University of Houston brand and adherence to its components and guidelines will ensure consistency and recognition of the brand. Recognition of the greater University brand benefits each of its programs and key segments independently and promotes a strong brand identity. This policy defines the rules and procedures set forth by the Associate Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Media Relations for the use of the brand by all divisions, departments, and business units on campus.
This MAPP was originated by University Marketing, Communications and Media Relations.

MAPP 03.01.01 - Specialized Service Facilities Changed titles and links as applicable. Changed the OMB reference from Circular A-21 to Uniform Guidance A-81 in Section I and Section X. Removed "depositing" as an example for accumulating in Section III.A; removed both last sentence in Section III.E and second paragraph from Section III.G. Deleted examples from Section IV.A. regarding financial record keeping. Added accounts created for each type of recovered cost to Section IV.A.3. Added "straight line method" for depreciation on capital equipment calculation in Section IV.A.7. Added approved methods for posting rates in Section IV.B.1. Added exceptions for selling goods and services in Section IV.C.1. For Section V.A and Section V.B.2, written requests should be using appropriate forms found on the Cost Accounting website. Removed Section V.A.2. For Section VI.A.2, all billing rates should be determined based on return required to establish sufficient cash flow to support the specialized facility charges to federally-sponsored activities reflecting the lowest rates. For Section VI.B and VI.C.2, templates to be used are located on the Cost Accounting webpage. Added Cost Accounting webpage to Section X.
Updates were completed by the Office of Finance and Accounting.

MAPP 04.01.05 - Advance Payment for Goods Removed Section IV.8 on tuition to an institution of higher education being a special circumstance for advanced payment.
Updates were completed by the Office of Finance.

MAPP 04.02.01A - Travel Paid From State-Appropriated Funds In Section X.C.1, changed the deadline for reimbursement from 45 days to 60 days after travel is completed. Also changed the request to Accounts Payable from 45 to 60 days. Reimbursement payments must be issued no later than 45 days after completed Expense Reports are submitted by employees.
Updates were completed by the Office of Accounts Payable (Travel).

MAPP 06.02.03 - Laboratory Safety and Corresponding Safety
Changed the number of laboratories on campus from 1,100 to 1,763 in Section IV. Added information at the end of Section IV about responsibilities of Principal Investigator and/or Laboratory Manager for all students, visitors, and staff inside of a laboratory unit; any violation of operation which is considered a damage to life of health will be corrected immediately. Added Section V.A for Laboratory Safety Manual. Added the non-pour policy to Section V.B on Hazardous Waste Material. Added rule on new biological work on campus to Section V.C. Added rule on new radiation research on campus in Section V.E. The Texas Department of Health Services has adopted the rule by OSHA as documented in Section V.F, Chemical Hygiene Plan. Added Section V.G on training programs offered by EHLS. Added Section V.H on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rules and guidelines; additional documentation will be developed later on EHLS training and PPE.
Updates were completed by the Office of Environmental Health and Life Safety (EHLS).

MAPP 06.03.01 - Fire and Life
Safety Code
Updated titles and links as applicable. Changed ERP to Technology Bridge in Section 1. Added NFPA1 as a mandatory reference to follow in Section II. Changed title NFPA1 Uniform Fire Code to NFPA1 Fire Code throughout text. Changed Department of Public Safety to Campus Safety throughout text. Added Section V.A.21 through Section V.A.25 on different Fire Marshal responsibilities. Changed title of Section V.B to Facilities, Construction Management Responsibilities, and removed Section V.C. Facilities Maintenance Responsibilities. Added Section V.B.3 for Facilities to maintain all sections of the Master Construction Specifications which deal with fire code or standards; Facilities will notify the Fire Marshal's Office if an changes are made to the document in terms of fire-related equipment or fire concern standards. Added Section V.B.6.c and Section V.B.6.d for Facilities maintaining buildings that comply with fire requirements, and for Facilities to correct any fire code violations found in a building within a reasonable time period. Changed the Fire Marshal's Office phone number from
713-743-1635 to 713-743-5858 in Section V.D.3. Added the Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety as Responsible Party.
Updates were completed by the Office of Environmental Health and Life Safety (EHLS) Fire Marshal's Office.

MAPP 07.02.02 - Tobacco-,
Smoke-, and Vape-Free Campus Policy
Changed title from Tobacco–Free Campus Policy to Tobacco-, Smoke-, and Vape-Free Campus Policy. Changed the title throughout text. Added Section I.C on e-Cigarette use being a health hazard and part of smoke-free policies. Added vaporizers and vape pens to Section II.A. Added Section II.B on E-Cigarettes. Added Section II.E on definition of UH Campus, which includes UH Technology Bridge, Katy, and Sugar Land. Changed coordination of the TFCAC in Section II.D to the Health and Wellness area. Updated Section III.C.1 and Section III.C.2 to reflect responsibilities of dean, Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer, and Campus Safety Fire Marshal; removed Section III.C.3. Changed wording in Section IV.B.1 and place to Student Health Center. Added UH Wellness Care for the Air web site in Section IV.B.2. Added Care for the Air web site to Section VIII.
Updates were completed by the Office of Health and Wellness (Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services).

MAPP 12.03.02 - Substantive Change in Academic Programs Updated MAPP template and added new Revision Log to meet current documentation standards. Updated titles and links as applicable. Changed abbreviation from SACS-SOC to SACSCOC throughout text. Changed first sentence in Section II to emphasize contact with SACSCOC before initiation of changes. Changed language throughout Section III to emphasize current requirements for certificate programs, establishing off-campus sites, and changing governance, ownership, control or legal status of an institution. Added Section III.D on the process for less frequent substantive changes. Added Section VI, References.
Updates were completed by the Office of Academic Affairs.

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