Fiscal Year 2016 - 2nd Quarter MAPPs in Executive Review

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts. To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by March 11, 2016 (Friday).

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted. The column titled "Review Comments" indicates the comments/suggestions received during the Campus Review of the policies listed below.
MAPP Number and Name
Proposed Changes Review Comments
MAPP 01.01.01 - Administrative Policies and Procedures Added electronic access to MAPPs in Section II.D and electronic archival set of MAPPs in Section VII.A. Added revision tracking requirement for documentation changes to existing MAPP documents in Section VI.B. Added Section VI.C on "Housekeeping Changes" procedure. Updated note for Section VI.E on UCC receiving 40 working days for submission of comments. Indicated that all comments from Campus and Executive Review will be posted on the Executive Review web site with documented resolution in Section VI.E.3. Added notification of approval to MAPP Listserv to Section VI.E.8. Added process for MAPP documentation or new documents approved at Board of Regents' level or higher to Section VI.G. Indicated the requirement for a completed review cycle for Interim documents in Section VI.H. Added justification information to Section IX.A. Added Section IX.B on responsibility of UH Main Campus personnel to communicate rescission and justification to areas impacted by the potential removal of the MAPP documentation. Added MAPP 01.01.02 to Section XII Changed Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance to Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance to text as applicable.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Additional changes made to document after meetings with General Counsel/Legal Affairs and UCC regarding current process.
Suggestion: Suggestion to change "UH Main Campus personnel" to "UH Campus Personnel" in Section IX.B since this is a MAPP policy that is specific to this campus.
Response: Changes incorporated.
MAPP 02.02.03 - Leaves of Absence Added process for Leave Request/ Notification in PASS throughout procedure as applicable. Removed information in Section V that leave requests cannot be used across multiple payroll periods. Added Administrative Leave With Pay Form to Section VI.D. Added requirement to upload a copy of the jury summons in PASS to Section VI.G. Also added requirement to upload copy of training meeting or notice in PASS for volunteer firefighter leave in Section VI.J. Changed references of SAM 02.D.03 and SAM 02.D.05 to SAM 02.D.04 in applicable areas of documentation. Removed all information regarding Military Leave in Section VIII.D, and replaced it with reference to documentation located in SAM 02.D.04. Removed SAM 02.D.05 from Section XII.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Question: Whenever the term "Leave Request" is made in this policy, shouldn't it reflect the terminology used in PASS, which is "Absence Request?" Using "Leave Request" might confuse employees.
Response: Changes incorporated to read "Absence Request" on 03/19/2016.
Question: Checked links in the document, and all worked except on Page 7.D, Military Leave. MAPP 02.02.XX did not work. Has it been approved yet?
Response: HR has plans to eventually write a Military Leave MAPP, but it is not upcoming documentation. For the future, users should reference SAM 02.D.04 for military leave information.
Comment: Question about all military leave issues addressed in other documents.
Response: Currently, HR only uses MAPP 02.02.03 and SAM 02.D.04 to reference Military information.

MAPP 02.02.04 - Administrative Leave With Pay Removed memorandum process in Section II, Section IV.C, Section IV.E, and Section IV.H, and replaced it with the Administrative Leave With Pay Form. Added information on PASS in Sections IV.C, IV.F, and IV.H. Added SAM 02.D.04 and Administrative Leave With Pay Form links in Section VII.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Question: In Section IV.C, suggest changing that section to read "…an overall rating of "exceeds expectations" for an award for outstanding performance or a rating of "generally meets expectations" for an award for a special project and an Administration Leave with Pay Form.
Response: Redline not implemented due to possible misinterpretation.
Question: In Section IV.D and Section IV..E, could you add "or designee" after "division vice president?"
Response: Changes incorporated.

MAPP 02.04.05 - Termination Clearance Added Section II.D definition of eTermination Checklist. Added location of eTermination Checklist in Section II and Section V in PASS. Updated process for determining status of library materials in Section III to current PASS process. Removed Termination Checklist from listing of objects in employee's personnel file in Section V. Changed responsible party from Executive Director to Assistant Vice President for Human Resources. Added eTermination Checklist instructions link to Section VIII, References.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:

MAPP 02.06.01 - Staff Training and Development Removed information in Section III.C.5 regarding other educational and training opportunities on UH Campus, and added information regarding additional or extra service activities for the university subject to supervisory approval.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Question: The responsible party says Associate Vice President for Finance, while the approval is by the Senior VIce President for Administration and Finance. Is this consistent?
Response:The Responsible Party (Raymond Bartlett) is different from the approval (Jim McShan) because questions will be cleared by the Responsible Party.
Question: In Section V.a, add the following list of trainings staff may have to complete based on their role in the university: 1) "Secure Our Systems," 2) "UHS Child Protection Training," and "FERPA."
Response: "Securing our Systems" and "FERPA" should not be added to this policy, since these modules are a part of mandatory training required for ALL employees regardless of their role in the unviersity. Child Protection Training is role-based and could be added, but since it does not apply to a primary number of employees, the SME suggested we revisit adding this when the policy comes up for review next time.

MAPP 03.01.04 - Fleet Management Plan Changed Fleet Coordinator to Fleet Manager throughout text. Added Department Vehicle Custodian definition to Section III.F. Added Fleet Custodian to process in Section IV.B.6. Added Section IV.B.11 on State Vehicle Inspection reporting and Section IV.B.12 on overseeing all bulk fueling facilities on the university campus. Added Section IV.C.3 on university vehicles being maintained by the University Vehicle Maintenance Shop. Added requirement for using seat belts in utilities carts in Section IV.E.2. Added information on reviewing reports in Section VII.D. Changed name and web site location for EHLS in Section IX.B. Added lease and rental of 15-passenger vans for university business is prohibited in Section IX.C. Added University Police Department (Patrol, Investigations/ Administration, and Security) to State Fleet Replacement Goals chart in Section X.H. Also changed replacement miles for all vehicle types for the State Fleet Replacement Goals.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Question: Where is the high profile vehicle safety course mentioned in Section IX.B?
Response: Link in Section IX.B has been changed to the Vehicle Safety Training course, which supercedes the original high profile vehicle safety training. The course is offered either online or instructor-led.
MAPP 07.03.02 - Business Continuity Planning Contents have been rewritten to reflect the current business continuity planning process. MAPP has been renumbered to move into the Public Safety area, from 01.03.03 to 07.03.02.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Minor grammar changes submitted by Legal Affairs/General Counsel.
Response: Changes incorporated.

MAPP 10.03.04 - Connecting Devices to University Networks Removed information in Section IV.3 that naming convention information is located on the UIT web site. No additional changes were made by the Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 10.03.04 has significant gaps in the language that allows IT the exclusive authoritative administration of the university network without provisions for oversight. This MAPP ignores the concept of shared governance. Although certain provisions are standard, Section 3 item F is unacceptable to faculty, and Section 5 regarding the funding of network services is also very ambiguous and thus allows the possibility for charging for services that the University should provide otherwise. Committee members expressed the concern that the proposed language does not improvise for a timely response to subnetwork development requests. We propose that such requests should be reviewed within 21 calendar days from their submission. Consequently we strongly encourage the faculty Senate to contest the proposed MAPP as is.
Response: The following changes were made in response to UCC suggestions:
(1) In Section III.A, the Request process starts within the College/Division Management structure to assure alignment with College/Division initiatives.
(2) In Section III.A.3, added specification that notification of the status of the request will be provided by UIT within 21 calendar days of submission.
(3) In Section III.F, added clarification that resolution for disagreements will be achieved through the standard university hierarchy. Also removed statement that final decision rests with the CIO or designee. And . . .
(4) Removed Section V from policy.

*Please note that the policies contained in this section are not official.  The changes have been submitted to the University Policies and Procedures and are currently under review.  To view official Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures documentation go to

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