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MAPPs Reviewed During FY08 - 4th Quarter

The following MAPPs were reviewed by the campus community during the 4th quarter of FY08. Approved changes are located at the Official MAPP website.  This section displays the changes that were proposed during the quarter's review.  To view the submitted changes select each policy name. The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the changes that were submitted.

MAPP Number and Name Proposed Changes
MAPP 04.03.01 - Service Center Requisitions MAPP 04.03.01 was rewritten to combine the policy and the procedure into one document. It was also updated to reflect current electronic practices, as well as include procedures for auxiliary purchases. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance.
MAPP 05.02.03 - Expenditure Reallocation and Correction The requirement to submit a Labor Distribution Report as documentation for Payroll Reallocations was removed from Section II of MAPP 05.02.03. Reference to "Service Center Requisitions" was also changed to "Service Center Vouchers" throughout the policy. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance.
MAPP 05.04.03 - Physical Inventory of Goods for Resale, Manufacture, or Repair Section III.B of MAPP 05.04.03 was updated to include alternative inventory methods, and a statement was added to Section III.E that would allow independent companies to conduct inventory of goods for resale at the university. The addendums also include updated information. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance.
MAPP 06.03.01 - Asbestos-Containing Material Department/organizational information was updated throughout MAPP 06.03.01. These changes were proposed by the Office of Enviornmental Health and Safety.
MAPP 06.03.04 - Smoke Free Environment MAPP 06.03.04 was reassigned to Public Safety and updated to refer to Texas Administrative Code and Texas Penal Code which prohibit smoking within 15 feet of any entrance owned or managed by the state. The covered arbor area of the University Center was moved from an exempt area to an area where smoking is prohibited. These changes were proposed by the Department of Public Safety.
MAPP 13.01.01 - Freedom of Expression The definition of “university grounds” was updated in MAPP 13.01.01 to refer to property located on the university’s main campus. These changes were proposed by the Office of Student Affairs.

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