MAPPs Rescinded In Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2012

The following MAPPs were rescinded as official university policy by the President during Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2012:
MAPP Number and Name
Rescission Date
Reason for Rescission
MAPP 10.03.02 - Computer and Network Security
During a recent review of procedures for an internal audit by University Information Technology (UIT) staff and the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), MAPP 10.05.01 (Information Security Program) was created and approved, and MAPP 10.03.04 (Connecting Devices to University Networks) was extensively revised and approved to take the place of MAPP 10.03.02.
MAPP 10.03.02 was rescinded as obsolete by Dr. Khator on January 2, 2012.

The rescinded documents are no longer available at the Official Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures web site at




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