05.01 Check and Cash Management
05.01.01 Cash Handling
05.01.02 Operational Cash Advances
05.02 Expenditure Management
05.02.01 Expenditures and Expenditure Authority
05.02.02 Official Functions and Discretionary Expenditures
05.02.03 Expenditure Reallocation and Correction
05.02.04 Payments to Human Subjects and Participants in Sponsored Projects
05.03 Billings and Collections
05.03.01 Employee Financial Responsibility
05.04 Finance and Accounting - General
05.04.02 Reconciliation of General Ledger Cost Center Balances
05.04.03 Physical Inventory of Goods for Resale, Manufacture, or Repair
05.04.04 Accounts Receivable
05.04.05 Reporting Indebtedness to the State Comptroller
05.04.06 Bank Account Reconciliation
05.04.07 Monthly Cell Phone Allowance

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