04.00.00 Code of Conduct - Procurement Responsibilities
04.01 Procurement - General
04.01.01 Purchase of Goods, Materials, and Supplies Though the Purchasing Department
04.01.03 Vouchers
04.01.05 Advance Payment for Goods
04.01.08 Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)
04.01.10 Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling
04.01.11 Procurement Card
04.02 Travel
04.02.01A Travel Paid From State-Appropriated Funds
04.02.01B Travel Paid From Local Funds
04.02.01C Corporate Travel Card
04.02.04 Student Travel
04.02.05 Travel Card
04.03 On-Campus Purchases
04.03.01 Service Center and Auxiliary Purchases
04.04 Contract Administration
04.04.01A Contracting - General
04.05 Auxiliary Services/University Services
04.05.02 Cougar Cards



















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