SAMs Approved in Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2011

The following System Administrative Memoranda were approved by the Chancellor as official system policy during Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2011 (October and November, 2010):
SAM Number and Name
Date Approved
Summary of Changes
SAM 01.F.01 – Public Safety Standards
The subject title of SAM 01.F.01 was updated from “Police Standards” to “Public Safety Standards,” and Section 4.0 was added to address changes to the Higher Education Opportunity Act that requires universities to prepare an annual report of fire and life safety statistics. These changes were proposed by the Office of Public Safety.
SAM 02.A.25 - Termination Clearance Guidelines
Section 3.5 of SAM 02.A.25 was updated to reflect the current practice of publishing ePAR due dates on the payroll calendar. The requirement to submit terminating ePARs within 5 days of the employee’s termination date was removed, as departments should be referring to the payroll calendar for deadlines. These changes were proposed by the chief human resources officers.
SAM 03.F.02 – Endowment Management


Several definitions were added. The college professorship was deleted from the list of endowment types in Section 3.3, and UH TierOne Scholarships and Passport Scholarships were added. The Presidential Endowed Fellowship minimum funding was also changed to $50,000. Section 3.3.g was edited to require all quasi-endowments to be fully funded at the time they are created. Section 3.3.h was added to establish holding procedures for funds collected pending all required elements to establish the endowment. A statement to Section 3.4 was added to clarify that Exhibit C must be completed prior to any funds being solicited. The endowment approval procedures were updated to require that the Treasurer notify the benefiting campus CFO of the endowment and request the establishment of an income cost center. Back up documentation is required of component universities requesting to transfer funds to or from an endowment cost center. Section 3.12.e was adjusted to specify that the book value of an endowment receives the realized gains or losses. Procedures for the Treasurer’s review of each endowment's market value vs. corpus to identify and notify underwater and above water endowments was included in Section 3.14.j. A clause was added to Exhibit C to outline the procedures for endowments that do not reach the minimum funding level within the specified time. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance.
SAM 06.A.11 - Procedures for the Operation of International Programs


SAM 06.A.11 was submitted for its scheduled review by the Office of International Studies and Programs. Minor redlines were performed to reflect phrasing of applicable SAMs. The review date was changed from December 3 to March 1. These changes were proposed by the Office of Academic Affairs.

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