MAPPs Approved In Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2016

The following Manuals of Administrative Policies and Procedures were approved by the President as official university policy for Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2016 (December, 2015, and January and February, 2016):
MAPP Number and Name
Date Approved
Summary of Changes
MAPP 01.03.01 - Baseline Standards Janaury 4, 2016 Changed Section II reporting from Manager of General Accounting to Accounting Services department. Changed Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance to Senior Vice President throughout text. Added information on additional processing of financial transactions occurring in departments in Section IV.A. Added CBA or division business administrator will make recommendations regarding administrative issues and/or interpretation of university policies to the appropriate dean or vice president in Section IV.B. Added sending baseline standards to Accounting Services for posting to the Survival Guide web site in Section V.C. Added Accounting Services to the process of forwarding amended baseline standards in Section V.D.
MAPP 01.03.01 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 02.01.03 - Overtime/ Compensatory Time December 4, 2015 Submitted to remove "Interim" designation. Added supervision responsibility for monitoring non-exempt employee work hours for authorized overtime and extra hours in Section IV.B. Removed Section IV.E. Removed information on Compensation department being contacted for calculations of overtime pay in Section IV.E (formerly Section IV.F). Added links as applicable. Revised Section VIII to be Reporting Overtime and Compensatory Time. Revised
Sections VIII.A, VIII.B, and VIII.C to emphasize electronic time sheet and P.A.S.S. Added
Section VIII.D on requesting compensatory leave by submitting electronic absence request. Added
Section VIII.G on non-exempt employees with multiple assignments. Removed Section IX. Changed responsible party to be Assistant Vice President for Human Resources. Changed title for MAPP 02.05.02 in Section XI; removed MAPP 02.01.06. Removed Index Terms.

MAPP 02.01.03 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle to remove "Interim" designation.

MAPP 02.03.06 - Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 January 4, 2016 Added new Revision Log. Removed other remuneration for payment from Section III.B. Revised Section III.D to include foreign national employees needing a new I-9 only if their status has changed or extended since their previous I-9 on file. Added E-Verify process to various parts of documentation.
MAPP 02.03.06 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 03.03.01 - Property Management Overview December 4, 2015 Revised Section II with a Texas Government Code link, and requirements for Chief Executive Officer to designate a property manager to maintain required records. Added information to Section III.A definition for capital assets with a minimum threshold of $5,000 for personal property. Modified phrasing in Section III.B on controlled assets, with revised examples of specific assets. Added hyperlinks to Section IV.C, Section IV.D, and Section VII.
MAPP 03.03.01 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 04.01.01 - Purchase of Goods, Materials, and Supplies through the Purchasing Department December 4, 2015 Resubmitted to remove "Interim" designation. Changed title to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance throughout text.
MAPP 04.01.01 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle to remove "Interim" designation.

MAPP 04.01.10 - Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling December 4, 2015 Removed "that become overdue" in Section II. Revised Section III.B to Payment Cycle, included ACH payments, and updated cycle to Monday through Friday. Added ACH to Section III.D. Updated
Section III.F to include information on late charge and not applicable options. Revised Section III.O to remove late payment charge information. Updated Section IX.G for "Not Applicable" and "Compute Charges." Changed Section XI to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance.

MAPP 04.01.10 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 04.04.01A - Contracting - General December 4, 2015 This document was submitted to remove the "Interim 2" designation.
MAPP 04.04.01A was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle to remove "Interim 2" designation.

MAPP 05.01.02 - Operational Cash Advances December 4, 2015 Removed university check and added information about delivery of cash advances in Section III.C. Revised Section IV.B regarding current process for SC Vouchers; added web site for Operational Cash Advance Application and included all information needed for an SC Voucher. Added Sections IV.C and IV.D on Student Business Services' involvement in the approved SC Voucher process. Removed information in Section IV.B regarding previous process for vouchers. Added Sections V.B.1 and V.B.2 on additional responsibilities for the fund custodian. Changed Section VII to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance. Added Operational Cash Advance Application to Section VIII.
MAPP 05.01.02 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 05.02.01 - Expenditures and Expenditure Authority January 4, 2016 Added information concerning questions about digital signatures to Section III.F. Added Section III.L on Stored Signatures and Rubber Stamp Signatures. Revised Section IV.C.3 to be non-standard sponsored project contractual agreements. Updated
Section IV.C.5 to indicate that overload requests on sponsored funds must be approved by Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG). Removed Section IV.D. Revised Section IV.F on responsibilities for departments initiating procurements or expenditure requests. Revised Section V.C on expenditure requests. Added alternative payment method to Section V.D. Revised title for Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance in Sections II and X.

MAPP 05.02.01 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 05.02.02 - Official Functions and Discretionary Expenditures January 12, 2016 Removed Addendum A, and referenced Account Listing on Finance Reference web page in Section II and Section V.D. Added MAPP 04.01.11 to
Section IV.B and MAPP 04.02.05 to Section IV.C. Changed "event" to "transaction" in Section V.I. Removed requirement not to charge alcoholic beverages under any circumstances from Section V.D. Changed P-Card journal to P-Card Expense Report in Section V.E. In Section VIII.C and D, added requirement for vice president approval on the Official Function-Approval Form. Added information to
Section VII.A regarding exception for President to exceed the $100 per person limit for business meals when meeting distinguished guests. Changed reference in Section VIII.H from OMB Circular A-21 to the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards. Updated references in Section X.D to University of Houston Children's Learning Centers and University of Houston Charter School.

MAPP 05.02.02 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 05.02.03 - Expenditure Reallocation and Correction December 4, 2015 Removed "account" from Sections I and II. Rewrote Section IV.E on reallocation processing guidelines. Added Section IV.F on transaction process guidelines, both noncontract/grant expenditures and contract/grant expenditures. Added Section IV.G on exception criteria to reallocation deadlines.
MAPP 05.02.03 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 05.03.01 - Employee Financial Responsibility December 4, 2015 Provided minor redlines to Section II regarding services. Removed Section III.G on Payment Plan or Payment Agreement. Removed Section IV.G regarding employees participating in delinquent debt and providing payments. Changed Student Financial Services to Student Business Services throughout text. Changed titles in Section V.B.6 and Section V.B.7. Replaced link in Section V.B.7. Changed Section VII to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance.
MAPP 05.03.01 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 05.04.07 - Monthly Cell Phone Allowance
(New MAPP)
December 4, 2015 Initial version (this MAPP replaces information found in MAPP 10.03.05, Responsibilities for Use of Telecommunications Resources).
MAPP 05.04.07 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 06.02.03 - Laboratory Safety Program and Corresponding Safety Manuals December 4, 2015 Added new Revision Log. Changed Environmental Health and Safety Department to Environmental Health and Life Safety Department (EHLS) in Sections II, IV, V, and V.D. Changed number of laboratories in
Section IV from 800 to 1,100. Changed web site links as applicable. Updated location of safety manuals in Manuals, Policies, Procedures on the EHLS web site in Sections V and V.D. Added Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to Section V.A. Removed Section V.C. Added synthetic nucleic acid molecules to replace DNA molecules in Section V.B. Updated responsible party as Assistant Vice President for Public Safety and Security. Change title in
Section VII to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance.

MAPP 06.02.03 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 10.03.06 - College/Division Responsibilities for Information Technology Resources December 11, 2015 Added new Revision Log. Added the responsibility for creating and maintaining an Information Resource Management Plan for the College/Division Information Resource Manager to Section II.B.1. Removed Technology Partners Program as central point of contact for best practices services in Section II.C. Added University Information Technology (UIT) throughout procedure as applicable. Removed Section VI, References.
MAPP 10.03.06 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 11.03.01 - Tuition, Fees and Charges December 4, 2015 Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Added links to documentation as applicable. Added roles and responsibilities of persons involved in the process to Section I. Removed
Section III.H on Course-related or Instruction-related Fees, and Added Section III.I on Incidental Fees (54.504). Revised Section IV.A and B regarding Tuition and Designated Tuition; added information on the consolidated tuition and mandatory academic fees in the Fall 2012 term in Section IV.B, Fees. Removed Section IV.B.2 regarding General Property Deposit. Added information to Section IV.B.3 on fee increase process for International Education Fees. Added the process for increasing Recreational Facility fees in Section IV.B.4. Also added the process for increasing Student Service fees in Section IV.B.7. Complete rewrite of Section V with an emphasis on the various advisory committees with a role in fee and charge changes. Removed Section VI.B.2 on general property deposit funds. Removed most of the documentation in Section VI.B.6 on incidental fees. Rewrote Section VII on notification and implementation of board-approved actions. Changed and rewrote Section XI on records retention. Added two references to Section XIV. Changed title to Vice President for Administration and Finance throughout text. Removed Index Terms.

MAPP 11.03.01 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 13.01.01 - Freedom of Expression December 8, 2015 This document is being submitted to remove Interim designation. Changed "University Center Reservations Office" to "Conference and Reservation Services" in Sections IV and VII. Added Dean of Students or designee to applicable procedures. Updated the title of Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services throughout procedure. Removed acceleration process in Section IV for relocation of expressive activity. Added extra outdoor expressive area, Student Center Circle, to procedure. Renamed UC Plaza to Student Center Plaza, and UC Satellite to Student Center Plaza throughout procedure. Added information tables in between Student Center South and Student Center North in Section VII. Changed approval for display of signs by University departments from ten days to seven days prior to the proposed display in Section VIII. Removed Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, and Vice President for Administration and Finance, from Section XI Approval process. Added new Campus Map to Addendum A.
MAPP 13.01.01 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle to remove "Interim" designation.

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