MAPPs Approved In Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2014

The following Manuals of Administrative Policies and Procedures were approved by the President as official university policy for Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2014 (September/October/November 2013):
MAPP Number and Name
Date Approved
Summary of Changes
MAPP 05.04.02 - Reconciliation of General Ledger Cost Center Balances October 8, 2013 Verification worksheets became Verification Reports throughout the procedure. Added review and approval for the reviewer must be documented in Section III.B. Added Section III.C.5 on the component controller approving alternative verification procedures. Added Section III.D information on the monthly cost center verification report process for the unit administrator. Added Sections III.E and Section III.F on cost center verification procedure responsibilities, retention periods, and time frames for reviews. In Section III.G, indicated the UGLS1074 Verification Worksheet can serve as the verification report.
MAPP 05.04.02 was in the Quarter 4, FY 2012 review cycle.

The updated documents are available at the Official Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures web site at



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