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Safety in the Workplace (Human Resources)
SC Voucher Comparison Using PS 8.4 and PS 9.1 (Finance)
SC Voucher Creation Using PS 9.1 (Finance)
Scholarship and Financial Aid Application Checklist
Scholarship Award Memo Workshop (Scholarships/Financial Aid Training)
Scrap and Salvageable Material and Equipment Disposition Policy (Plant Operations)
Search Match Procedures (PeopleSoft 8.9)
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [IT Security]
Security and Computer Abuse Incident Information (UIT)
Security Audit Report Instructions
Security Escorts (UH DPS)
Severe Weather Response Planning Kit
Service Center (SC) Voucher Workflow Handout
Sexual Harassment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [General Counsel]
Shasta's Culinary Workshop [Health and Human Performance]
Sick Leave Pool Contribution/Withdrawal Request Form (Human Resources)
Signature Authority Forms (Contract Administration)
Skillport eLearning (Online Training)
Social Media Policy
Solicitation Permit Information Form (Student Affairs - RSO Students Only)
Space Heaters Policies and Procedures (UH EHLS)
Spam and Phishing E-Mail Information (UIT Security)
Speaker Agreement Form (OGC-S-2002-3)
Special Parking Areas and Provisions (Parking and Transportation)
Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic (SLH)
Staff Council Web Site
Staff Handbook (Human Resources)
Staff Tuition Scholarship Guidelines (Human Resources)
Staff Tuition Scholarship Listserv (Human Resources)
Standard Addendum (OGC-S-2010-08)
Standard Contract Addendum (OGC-S-2009-01)
Standard Hours to FTE Chart (Human Resources)
Standard Purchasing Agreement Form (OGC-S-2010-06)
Standard Purchasing Agreement - Service Order Basis Form (OGC-S-2010-11)
State Fund-Equity Non-Mandatory Transfers Information
State Fund Procurement Restrictions
State Procurement Card (P-Card) Application
State Reports (Finance)
State Travel Contracts-Airlines (Travel-Finance)
State Travel Contracts-Hotel Directory (Travel-Finance)
State Travel Contracts-Rental Car Rates (Travel-Finance)
State Travel Mileage Reimbursement Rates
State Travel Voucher (Excel Document)
Strong UH Computer Password Standards [UIT]
Student Accounting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [Finance]
Student Accounting Web Site (Finance)
Student Affairs Web Site
Student Exclusion from FICA Coverage Explanation (Tax Department)
Student FICA Exemption Information for College/Division Administrators (Tax Department)
Student Financial Services Web Site
Student Government Association (SGA) Web Site
Student Handbook
Student Housing and Residential Life Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [Student Affairs]
Student Housing and Residential Life KeyWatcher Information (Access Control)
Student Housing and Residential Life Web Site (Student Affairs)
Student Social Security Tax Withholding Exemption Information (Tax Department)
Student Travel Advance Form (Finance)
Student Travel Advance Disbursement Form
Student Travel Roster Form
Student/Visitor Accident Report Form (Risk Management)
Subpoenas Information (Office of General Counsel)
Summer Conference Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Student Housing and Residential Life)
Supervisor's First Report of Injury or Illness (Workers' Compensation Form)
Support Organizations and Foundations Payment Request Procedures (Finance)
Surplus Equipment Transfer to Surplus Storage Form (PRP-16B - Property Management)
Surplus Property Catalog (Property Management)
Surplus Property Form (PRP-1A)
Surplus Transfer Property Procedures
Surplus Transfer Property Process Flowchart
Surplus Transfer Property Timeline
Suspicious Packages Procedure (UH DPS)
Sustainability Web Site
System Administrative Memoranda (SAM) Web Site