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Bacterial Meningitis Immunizations and Information
Banner, Table Tent and Display Case Request Form (UC)
Baseline Standards and Cash Handling Procedures (FY 2015)
Baseline Standards Form (Microsoft Excel)
Baseline Standards Form Instructions (Microsoft Word)
Benefits Question and Answer (Q&A) for Reduction in Force Employees (Human Resources)
Best Practices for Vendor Payments
Beverage Donation Form (UC - RSO Only)
Bicycle Registration Form (Online) With UH DPS
Bicycle Registration With UH DPS
Bicycle Security Information (UH DPS)
Billing Rate Financial Reporting Schedule
Blackboard Web Site
Blaffer Art Museum Gallery Web Site
Board of Regents' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (UH System)
BOB Report Generation Information (Human Resources)
Bomb Threat Checklist (UH DPS)
Budget Account/Actual Account Cross Reference
Budget Checking Process and Errors
Budget Development Module (BDM) Training Guide
Budget Exceptions
Budget Fund Balance and New Revenue Procedure
Budget Glossary
Budget Operations (Guide)
Budget Overview Basics
Budget Preparation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Building Code Listing
Building Listing With General Purpose Classrooms and Equipment (UIT)
Bulk Mailing Services (Printing and Postal)
Business Continuity Plan Key Questions
Business Continuity Planning Web Site (Risk Management)
Business Continuity Plan Strategies
Buyer's Checklist (Purchasing)