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It's Easy to Become a Fruit Tree Fanatic

Fruit gardening is much easier than vegetable gardening. It takes less planting, less watering, less weeding, less money invested, less time harvesting, less energy, with huge results in amount of food produced.

City of Houston Reaches Sustainability Fest Platinum Sponsor Status

The city has donated family four packs to the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Mayor's Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting.

Pedal Party Becomes Gold Sponsor to Sustainability Fest

The business has donated a gift card for a two-hour rental of a 16-passenger bike that will be given away during the Nov. 17 event in Lynn Eusan Park.

Facilities Services Becomes Sustainability Fest Platinum Sponsor

The department has reached the highest level of sponsorship by donating a SwagWay and safety equipment for the upcoming event.

Office of Sustainability, MVP to Host 'Rock the Campus' event

Volunteers can assist in gardening, landscaping, planting trees, tree mulching and cleanup projects at several locations across campus on Friday, Nov. 6.

Creative Expressions Contest Seeks Entries

The UH community can win prizes by creating a written work or visual art piece for competition that is part of the upcoming Sustainability Fest.

Sustainability Fest Adding Several New Features This Year

The event, which takes place Nov. 17, will include a bicycle maintenance workshop and a social bike ride around and near campus.

Reduce Work, Expenses with Energy Efficient Designs for the Garden

Lots of people recycle, eat local, cut waste, and do many other things to reduce their overall impact on the environment. But when they garden they routinely miss a lot of chances to be both more energy efficient and productive.

Sponsors, Volunteers Sought for Upcoming Sustainability Fest

The fun and educational event, which will take place Nov. 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Lynn Eusan Park, offers the UH community practical information about how to live more sustainably, while also highlighting sustainability initiatives across campus and the city.

Sustainable Architecture Focus of Upcoming Sustainability Meetup

The guest speaker for the Oct. 14 event will be Associate Professor Donna Kacmar, founder and director of the UH Materials Research Collaborative.

Group Honors Office of Sustainability for RecycleMania Efforts

Cincinnati-based Purposeful Networks is the leading provider of digital platforms and programs to support significant positive impact around the world. Its Student Actions Awards are based on a methodology that celebrates student progress, momentum and impact during the spring semester.

Composting is a Banquet for the Garden

When it comes to feeding soil to produce a rich, healthy environment for plants and help conserve water, composting provides the appetizer, entree and dessert.

Creating Walls Through Outdoor Living Spaces

Gardens are rooms – living spaces like their indoor counterparts, except the heating and air conditioning are at the whim of Mother Nature. Like interior rooms, they have walls and doorways, or rather fences and gates.

Monthly Sustainability Meetups to Kick Off Sept. 1

The idea is to showcase different sustainability themes and build a culture of sustainability on campus and in the community by featuring guest speakers, group activities and networking. The initial gathering will feature Dr. Bruce Race, director of the University of Houston’s Center for Sustainability and Resilience.

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